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  • ghost chaser - Second time is a charm.Not Really

    I just got this light and it is D.O.A. Not happy at all to get a new light that has so many good reviews and it is bad out of the box. The worst thing is I have to wait to get a credit to my account so I can repurchase a new one. If the next one is bad then I will not ever buy another light made by Thrunite as they should at least work out of the box. This is an update. The second light I recieved worked well and I noticed that if one has problems with the light flickering then you will need to take apart the switch and clean the contacts. Once you have the cap off containing the master switch you will need a set of snap ring pliers to take it apart. So in the end a nice light. Super bright, but gets raging hot in turbo mode if left on for more than a minute so be careful. I can recommend this light. Ok, my new light lasted 6 months and it is now broken. It would seem as though the switch is bad. Thrunite advertises on this listing that one can contact customer support for anything before and after buying. Ok, then how? I went to their website and sent an e-mail to ask for a replacement unit and I provided them with the order number, date and that I purchased on Amazon. No response. If you are thinking of getting one of these DON"T!! you will be sorry. I would get a Olight, Phenix or Nitecore light instead. These lights would be good if they could design a switch that works and they honored the warranty, but they don't. Seriously, this light is pricey JUNK!

  • elizadee - Great game!

    I now have the three games. I enjoy the first two and this new one didn't disappoint! I am addicted!

  • C.O. - Bottom line, it works!

    I'm a guy and I started using Viviscal regular strength over a year ago, and yes, without a doubt it works. My hair became thicker, grew faster and overall looked healthier. When I found the Pro strength I said, "why not?". It's stronger in the sense that it has a more 'fishy' smell and taste, and I only take it with food, otherwise you're risking an upset stomach. I read some negative reviews about this being fishy and hurting stomachs, well, I say, if it works thickening your hair, hold your nose and get it down! With food you'll have no issues. I think it has actually improved my hair even more than the regular strength. I'm going to continue using this product in conjunction with my other stuff works! *If this helped you please click 'yes' below and if you have any question feel free to comment.

  • John Rawlins - Nice rack, good price, works well on 2015 Grand Cherokee

    I bought this rack for my wife's 2015 Grand Cherokee. I'm very pleased with the product. Aside from not being the easiest thing to install I only have positive things to say about it.