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  • D. Levy - Garmin seems too complacent

    I upgraded to the 820 from the 510 primarily for the navigation, so I wouldn't have to rely on my phone. It's decent enough for navigation, though most people might take for granted the voice-guided systems of their phone and be a bit disappointed when they realize that this audio functionality of this garmin(and I believe all of their bike computers) consists solely of playing high pitched beeps to prompt you to look at the screen for direction.

  • Laura Bevignani - Cool tunes

    Cool tunes with great lyrics and musical score. Especially enjoy "Clint Eastwood". Good this rockin' good time with a good, cold brew.

  • Credus - Fortunately, by using this product and never closing the ...

    Definitely helps to gather all the lent and hair that gets trapped in the rubber seal. I try clean the rubber seal after every wash, but it is apparent that I don't always see what is trapped in the seal. The washer machine notifies me when it is time to clean. Fortunately, by using this product and never closing the washer door (when not in use) keeps my washer from smelling like mildew. My problem with this product is that it is too expensive. More people would be able to use it if the price was reasonable. I learned that the manufacturers have not resolved how to keep front loaders from smelling like mildew if you close the door when the machine is not in use. Due to this design error, we need to keep purchasing this product.

  • Geoff - The product is great, just verify part numbers

    I love the product, but the picture and description did not match the part number. I kept getting sent a liner for the Explorer behind the third row bench even though the description and picture were telling me it was for behind the second row (third row folded down). Turns out the part number did not match the picture and description. I had to do the research on WeatherTech's page to verify part numbers. I was sent the wrong item twice but the seller paid for return shipping both times. Once I explained that his part numbers didn't match his pictures/descriptions, he got me the right part. It was more of a pain than I was expecting but the seller worked with me throughout the process. Also, the first WeatherTech mat that was sent to me (which was wrong) also had a previous purchaser's paperwork regarding it being sent to her incorrectly as well. I guess it just got thrown back up on the shelf and I was the next to get the incorrect part number. I am guessing it has happened many times, though hopefully they have resolved this by now.

  • alan horton - Didn't work for me, and stung my eyes and stained my pillow case

    I know no product works for everyone, but this one felt like it burned my scalp a little bit, and two other major problems: if I worked out in the morning too soon after putting this on, residue would be in my sweat and sting my eyes; the other problem is the same at night, whereby if I put it on before going to bed it stained my pillow cases.