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  • Astro - Overdrive Comp 2012

    Love this bike. I've had this bike for about 2 1/2 months now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Its been 200 miles of all trail, rocks and roots and the bike is rock solid. My only complaints are delivery issues. My bike was delivered with a broken reflector and a improperly installed derailleur cable. The rear derailleur cable housing was installed without a ferrule on one end causing the cable to gut itself. The metal strands inside the cable began to shoot out the end. Considering the previous reviews of DB customer service, I didn't bother. I fixed it myself. All in all the bike is a champ. Component for component it compares with LBS bikes in the $1300-$1500 range. Ive made a few modifications, a Serfas RX seat and Ergon grips to help smooth out some of those rough rides. May try a Thudbuster ST seat post next. Sure I've added a few pounds to my bike, but there's already 5 lbs less of me! Make it comfortable. Make it fun. Buy it.

  • Hawkeye Pierce - If this is the future, I am all in.

    I have had this machine ("Hazel") for almost 3 years at this point and I am still very impressed with how well this little gal works. She runs every night at 2am for about an hour sweeping the wood floor in our kitchen. Crumbs, Labrador Retriever hair, dust, even the odd bit of paper or plastic are not a problem for Hazel.

  • Chapel Hill Jeff - First Rick Steve's Book

    I got this Rick Steve's book for an upcoming cruise trip to the Mediterranean. I am about 3/4 of a way through it and so far have enjoyed it a lot. Very detailed explanation of all the ports, cities and things to do. Should prove to be a great asset in a few weeks.

  • randomyz - Keeps me going

    I used to drink coffee every day and this takes it's place and then some. Gives me energy right when I need it. From using this with work outs and a small diet I have notice results. Like anything your body take it will get tolerance on it so I just stop for a while.

  • Ashley L. - Works great like any other charcoal but couldn't taste the mint.

    I usually use pain food grade charcoal to brush my teeth but thought I'd try some labelled for teeth. Honestly I can't tell the difference other than that the price is hiked up and it comes in a glass jar instead of a bag.

  • Amazon Customer - My three girls dont cry any more

    my wife and I have three girls 9 ,7, 5 every morning its such a fight to brush there hair, Well after trying 10 its great a couple of sprays and work it in no mre tears thanks, you saved our mornings, signed happy parents and brushed hair.

  • Tinie - Wonderful experience

    I liked the simplicity of the packaging and how they provide two of everything wit the 2xpack: 2 wet wipes, 2 dry wipes, a bunch of dust stickers, and obviously the 2 screens, and the card for the application process (pushing the bubbles out). The instructions for applying the screen protector was EXTREMELY easy to follow and actually applying it yourself was also EXTREMELY easy. The best part about this particular brand of iPhone 6 screen protector is the removal of the protectant layer on the screen protector. I am a loyal iPhone user and I have always bought and applied my iPhone screen protectors myself. While these previous screen protectors I've used do the job, their application process was...a process. Some even come with tools that you have to attach to your phone and angel the screen just right and blah blah blah...a process, like I said. So when these came in the mail, I was pretty much dreading having to go through some tedious process all over again, and boy I was wrong. This is SO EASY. All you have to do is literally peel off the first layer, align it with you phone's screen w/o touching the screen (obviously) and just plop it down on there. SO EASY. It almost makes all these other brands look like fools for wasting so much energy coming up with their sill processes. Anyways, after you plop the screen protector down on your phone, just peel off the top layer of the protectant and use the card to push out the bubbles and VOILA now you have a bran you screen. Absolutely wonderful experience. And the sellers are kind too which is a plus.