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  • Les Floriacumois, otages du PMU ? -  AUREZ-VOUS LE PMU ?   Comme vous le savez, il n'existe aucun point PMU dans la ville de Fleury-Mérogis (91700) depuis la fermeture du Narval et l'absence de reprise de ces paris par le café "Le Beaulieu" (ce que nous ...
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  • Amazon Customer - Anolon Cookware

    Though we haven't had our new cookware very long, I can say that it is [by far] the best I've ever used even while working in a restaurant. I like that they are heavy. Their weight keeps them firmly in place while stirring ingredients, allowing the use of a single hand. The weight also helps with even heat distribution. I cook on gas and our last set of cookware (though good) never measured up in these two areas. Use non-metallic utensils and this set should last for a very long time. I like the glass lids. They fit properly and the handle design on both the lids and cookware adds to aesthetic beauty too! The handles are solidly fixed and I don't anticipate any issues with loosening in the future.

  • Amazon Customer - 15 Hours Playtime and IPX4 Waterproof for iPhone and More in a expected day of delivery and in great package condition

    I received the Waterproof Outdoor Speaker, Vtin 20W Bluetooth Speaker with Passive Radiator,15 Hours Playtime and IPX4 Waterproof for iPhone and More in a expected day of delivery and in great package condition.

  • KaTaHaR - I am not sure what happened with the design with ...

    I am not sure what happened with the design with these, but we've been using Pampers Swaddlers for 5 years now and recently the size 3 started to leak with my son. I've switched to Pampers Baby Dry because of this and there aren't any leaks overnight. Something changed recently (last couple months). Using this now instead.

  • raven stone - laser comb

    This product works. One should expect mild hair growth in the crown area at best but markedly thickened hair. I have some thinned areas which were showing through revealing my scalp but were covered after using the laser comb. It also works well after hair transplants to thicken and color new growth. I've had 4 transplants and this is a nice adjunct. One can complete a treatment in 10 minutes easily. I suspect those that take longer are overlapping treatment and/or not spacing each movement far enough apart.

  • Graham Hunt - 'not responding' sums up Outlook 2010

    I paid my 189 euros for a download of Outlook 2010 from Microsoft. I live in Italy but wasn't able to have an Italian invoice so I wasn't able to easily deduct the value added tax. I am running Outlook 7 on a Samsung laptop I bought in September 2012. I used to run Outlook 2003 but thought I should update. I have had nothing but problems with it. If I try to do things as fast as I did with the 2003 version it immediately goes into 'not repsonding' mode and blocks for 30 seconds. Then it frees up. It seems to be twice as slow and full of unnecessary sophistication. My vote reflects my daily frustration with this program. It will probably be the last time I buy Outlook. why did they fix 2003 if it wasn't broken?