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  • marilyn - So far at two months, I do think it ...

    So far at two months, I do think it is helping. Hair seems to be filling in slowly with new growth Will continue use to see what happens.

  • Alana Marie - Fantastic

    I will never go a day without taking this! I get frequent UTI's and they are a nightmare. I had gotten two a few years ago and for awhile I didn't get any more. This past year since March I've been getting a UTI once a month. I looked up something to ease the pain and I found AZO at my local Target. When summer came I'd get at least two infections a month. Once I had gotten rid of one I'd get another. I became tired of going to the doctor for antibiotics so I would regularly use the AZO pain relief. Two months ago I tried the Nature's Bounty Cranberry pills and it didn't seem to help. I made sure I finished the jar first. When I was running low on those I found this and because of the other product by them I figured I'd try it. I've only been taking them two weeks but I haven't had any infections in three weeks now. Pretty good for someone who was getting two a month. I will continue to use it and when I'm running low I'm going to buy the three pack!

  • Emmer - Great price, great items.

    I bought these as a gift for my parents for the summer to replace a pair from another manufacturer they had for many years. These chairs are excellent! Well-crafted, comfortable and great for sunbathing.

  • Claudio - Men's Rogaine Extra Strength 5% Minoxidil Topical Aerosol Hair Regrowth..

    This foam Men's Rogaine Extra Strength 5% Minoxidil looks like it works better then the liquid type in my opinion, is a slow process but after 6 moths of using my scalp looks slightly fuller. I'll continue using for another 6 months and see what happens.

  • david wright - Check the inputs

    300 watts of power for $100. Pretty good. Order the NK7 for $140 instead of the NK4; it has an HDMI arc input where the NK4 only has optical display and analogue inputs. I had to go out from my 40" Sony TV through the 3.5mm mic output with a 3.5mm to RCA cable. My TV optical display was faulty and the RCA ports are for input only. Be careful about these compatibility details. Two thumbs up on value for the dollar.

  • LovelyBubbley - So very yummy!

    So I was dining out of town and saw this wine on the restaurant's wine list. I thought it sounded pretty tasty, so despite the ridiculous $12 per glass they were charging, I went ahead and ordered. I've been into the pinks lately and figured what the heck. They brought out a rather large glass of this gorgeous wine- I mean it's seriously just the most lovely shade of pink ever. I took a little sip and was pleasantly delighted. Sweet with a little bite, just enough to make it stand out from other pinks. I did a web search while waiting on my meal to see what this refreshing little number cost per bottle and had to laugh when I saw it as cheap as $8. I know restaurants make a decent profit on their booze, but I don't think I've ever seen a single glass sell for almost double what the whole bottle costs. LOL! I'll definitely be adding this to my cache of wines. Cheap, tasty, and just a little different. Yum!

  • Melanie Speights - Simple and Effective!

    I was incredibly skeptical but I was willing to try anything rather than having to rip out a tile, baseboard and chance having to replace more than 1. We have wood grain tile (36inches in length with a 1/8 inch grout line). We had to put duct tape on the floor and injected the material through the duct tape but that was just because the grout line was so small. IT WORKED! We followed the directed indicated in the video. I actually went around looking for more tiles (we did 2000 sq ft) that were hollow just because it was so easy to use.