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  • Wolfgang Unger - It works and works well!

    Work at a church that insists on Norton. Two weeks ago the pastor got infected with malware from going to some politcal sites (Both parties!). Norton did not catch it until it was already infected. I have never been infected with Kaspersky! It catches malware and trojan horse viruses before it gets into your system on the fly as my email comes in and disinfects those files! Yes Norton has some nice tools in the 360, but so what if it lets the bad guys get past the front door! Been a Kaspersky user since 2003 and have not looked back! I actually take friends hard drives who have been infected and load them in USB cradle and clean them with Kaspersky on my computer!

  • Autumn Marie Hyatt - Awesome!

    I bought this for an 8 year old boy who loves the movie Cast Away. It was very life like and it is a real usable volleyball!

  • Michelle Parkinson - wrong/inconsistent readings

    I love the idea of this, but despite following the instructions to a tee, it consistently reported a temperature up to two whole degrees lower than reported by an oral thermometer. And while the incorrectness was consistent, the degree of it was not. Sometimes it was off by .2, sometimes 2, so it wouldn't have even been useful to watch trends. This was with multiple users and measurements, so unfortunately we had to return it.

  • Miguel - Lego City

    This game is overall fun. It's like Grand Theft Auto for kids, you can run around LEGO City at high speed. You can get disguises and fight criminals, you can get into vehicles and drive around the city. In this game you are a detective, so you can't fight or hit the civilians walking around like you could in GTA. But you can do so so many things and the more missions you beat, the more places you can go to.

  • Joolie - Chronic UTI sufferer now celebrating anniversaries without UTIs - other brands of pills didn't work!

    I used to get a UTI pretty much every single month. I started taking Azo Cranberry pills daily and eventually I was able to celebrate more than one anniversary of being UTI-free. For whatever reason, it's specific to the Azo brand. These are expensive, so I decided to try other cranberry pills to save money, but within a week or two I started to feel "twingy" so I hurried to get back on the Azo pills.

  • jeff - Best Meal Replacement!!!

    Lean 1 works for me and taste great!! Try it with two scoops of Lean, one to two cups of Almond Milk, three frozen strawberries and one banana, DELICIOUS!!!