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  • Deimos - This is the 5th time you have bought this game.

    I still play DOR 2 which is miles better than this and it's on gamecube!. Since SVR06 the consumer buying these terrible game have been buying the same exact game over and over. I bought 09 and brought it back for a refund the same day because it was SVR 08 with a new lame inferno match, less create features and only a handful of good wrestlers. SVR 2010 is worse yet again, still lakcong create features, no legends, a horrid roster not worth playing as unless you think a good wrestler in John Cena and need you head examined. This series sucks, the gameplay is terrible and im thinking it will take THQ until SVR 2050 to get back to the No Mercy/DOR 2 greatness.

  • F. Masson - A lovely journey

    I've loved Gaga since the first time I saw her performing on "So You Think You Can Dance." It's always been obvious she has an amazing voice, but what I love about this album is how stripping everything down really lets you appreciate it. I've enjoyed her other music, but this album feels more personal and emotional and hits all the right notes for me (no pun intended. Well, maybe a little). It's rare to really like every song on an album, but this is one of those cases where I just want to listen to the whole thing all the way through and then start all over again. Very happy with my purchase.

  • K. Adler - Not a good year

    I read the anthology of short stories every year, but was a bit disappointed by this year’s selections. Usually there are at least 3 or 4 stories that are very moving and stick with me, but I didn’t really enjoy any of the stories this year. Many of them were overly disturbing.

  • kittenmittens - Absolute Must Have

    Look everybody knows what goes on behind closed doors, but they don't need to smell it. This has passed with flying colors of everyone I know that has put it to the test. I have no problems putting this on display in my bathroom because its far more polite to have this available than a lingering stench that smells like something died. I highly recommend this for all your bathroom needs. It even comes in petite sizes so you can throw it in your purse like the nice British girl in the commercials. Sorry, fellas. Maybe a nice fanny pack? The one thing I will say though is that some scents seem to be stronger than others. I have tried Juniper Woods, Heavy Doody, Royal Flush and Vanilla Mint. All of them smell lovely and refreshing but thus far Vanilla Mint is my favorite. It starts with a nice light vanilla scent and finishes with a lemony mint. So far it's been the best at covering any smell as well. You can walk into the bathroom immediately after will no ill effects unless you hate vanilla/mint. With the other three they did the same but only failed slightly when it came to the worst of the worst that you could put out. Those three smelled great but there was the faintest whiff of something rotten in Denmark. Mind you they all work fantastic on your regular drop-offs but I have a dad with a cast iron stomach that will eat *anything* and the Vanilla Mint has fended him off more than once. If you're looking for something that will cover most situations then really any of the scents will do but for serious business go with the Vanilla Mint or something like it. I haven't tried every scent to give all my favorites but eventually I will and I have no doubts I'll be pleased with all. Do yourself and everyone around you the favor of getting it. You won't be disappointed.