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  • Judee - The best helper for keeping dampness and mold out of house

    The best helper for keeping dampness and mold out of house. We are surrounded by wetlands so DampRid is a necessity and wouldn't do without them, couldn't be! The big ones last a long time, worth every cent.

  • DRLinNH - The best approach to developing project schedules

    I am a Raving Fan of Forecast Scheudling. I have been developing Dynamic Schedules for many years. When I first read the 2003 book, I told everyone I know that Eric "gets it". The approach works. I have successfully modeled several key programs and projects. Our schedules are presented to key stakeholders, Sr. Executives and customers. They convey confidence that we know what we are doing and will meet the dates of project. More importantly the schedules are now the tool that project managers use to simulate future progress.

  • Paulber - Easy to install about 10 minutes

    Works as described. Used my kayak racks and all went well. Easy to install about 10 minutes ,but was surprised that lock washers were not included in the hardware kit.

  • S. Lee - The only book you should purchase when applying for med school

    This book is great because there's a section in the beginning about the medical school application process and all that stuff. It also goes through every accredited medical school in the US and Canada alphabetically. It is published by the AAMC there is no bias content. They report the facts. The tell a little about the school and they give you lots of stats so you can honestly assess where you have a good chance of getting into. They also don't rank school so it's nice to read through the book and be able to decide which schools you like and want to know more about without having school rankings skewing your judgement. Highly recommended. Great book! Great price too!

  • Steven McKenna - I would not recommend. This product does not work

    Did not like this product at all. It did not work for me. Took the product for 3 weeks and I did not feel like any cleansing was happening. I would advise you to avoid this product. I was very leery when the same day I received the product I was getting emails asking me to review the product and I would get a free bottle of something. I waited to take the product for several weeks before I reviewed and found out the product is junk. This product probably has a 5 star rating because consumers rate the product right away to get a free product. Be careful. I have taken many cleansing products and typically you can tell if a cleanse is working is after the first day or two you will feel like you are sick or possibly a headache. That is the toxins getting stirred up and eliminated from the body. Not with this product. Sent product back. Waiting for a refund

  • Amazon Customer - Luvvie Ajayi is one of my favorite personalities and her book is a true commentary on ...

    Luvvie Ajayi is one of my favorite personalities and her book is a true commentary on everything I care about. If you want to laugh hard, cry a little and think a lot - read I'm Judging You.