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  • Biometric tablet and firstnet ready smartphone | - Choice of a FAP45 ready biometric tablet, XP7 firstnet ready smartphone, or a COT smartphone. All using the FBI certified Sherlock FAP45 biometric sensor.
  • - - The Sherlock® fingerprint scanner is the latest in LES technology.FBI Certified FAP45, the scanner’s surface is less susceptible to errors caused by smudging
  • HealthVue | - HealthVue ™ Solutions utilizes a highly accurate, non-invasive, and low-risk instrument that can detect and monitor heart conditions.
  • Defense and Security for modern warfighters | - With 28 years of defense experience, warfighters have relied on ROCKY rugged computers. Whether they are operating unmanned systems in Afghan mountains or patrolling the American coast
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  • Health care | - Alternative Medicine is a group of diverse medical and health care systems, practices, and products that are not generally considered part of conventional therapies.
  • Public Safety, First Responders, EMS and Law enforcement | - Working with First Responders and public safety professionals to provide them with solutions that match their needs, and leverage their limited resources.
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  • David Baldridge - New Smaller Size For Convenience

    It is with the greatest delight that I greet the announcement that Parent Child Testing Product is now available in a more economical 5-pack. Although the per unit price is still a bit steep, saving the shipping costs for the extra 5 or 10 units really helped.

  • Amazon Customer - Grill looks great. Especially with the halo LED headlights i also ...

    Grill looks great. Especially with the halo LED headlights i also purchased. Everything lined up perfect. Even the parking/turn signal lamps clicked in place with no modifications. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get a new grill for there wrangler. Mine even came with the steel lower clips and new whether strip. Had to use original plastic rivet clips for upper part of grill.

  • Nikolay Makarov - much better as any battery-powered unit

    Works as expected, much better as any battery-powered unit, as it has more power from AC. Too sad it's dry-only - would be nice to be able to wash it...

  • Amazon Customer - Bad product, worse service

    The handle cracked after only a few uses. I contacted the manufacturer about it and they said that the warranty didn't cover the pitcher and I would have to buy a new one. Never buying from the Ninja brand again.

  • Seema Saiyed - The ratings are fake

    It doesn't work, people give it high ratings because the company offers to send you free diet pills after you use it in exchange for a five star rating, I was very disappointed because I could've spent the time and money on a product that actually works but was mislead by fake ratings.

  • BRUCEB - Just OK

    Was OK. In the end my taxes are not that complicated that I really needed this. Seemed like a good idea at the I was really going to discover some loophole I'd forgotten about. Was cheap though so no big loss.

  • Molly Barist-Tanenbaum - Super fun!

    This nail polish is pretty awesome. It is a very thin polish, and two coats will not be enough. I ended up using 4 or so to get the full olive green color that the polish has on the nails. The more you put on, the darker the green will be, and the brighter it will glow. The good thing is, even though you'll need quite a few coats, is that it dries very quickly and dries very hard. It doesn't self level well, so you'll definitely need a good top coat or a very steady hand to make sure its as smooth as can be. Just hold your hands under a bright light for a minute, and enjoy the lovely glow! It doesn't need much light to charge either. It managed to charge itself when I was watching TV in bed. It was fainter, but it did still glow! Great for Halloween!