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  • Virginia - Good Game

    This is one of the games I bought when I bought xbox and the kinnect. I enjoy using it, and find some of the workouts really get you sweating. Once I went through most of the activities, I found which ones I like best and have a pretty good variety.

  • Amazon Customer - Perfect Fit

    I was nervous about these hearing that some peoples didn't fit well. They ended up being a perfect fit in my 2015 four-runner. Great product, but the price is pretty steep.

  • gurian6 - Pleasantly surprised

    I was pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of LIVrelief as a topical pain relief. It had no stinky smell and it reduced the level of pain to one where I could easily ignore it even though I've had severe chronic neurological pain for 30+ years and nothing else, other than prescription medications (not narcotics) relieved the pain this successfully. I used it in combination with my medications and experienced the most relief I've had in a long time. Today was cool and rainy - a combination that generally exacerbates the pain but I was able to continue with my daily activities. I'll be heading to the store/Amazon real soon to order a supply.

  • Reader from Fairport - Revealing Account of 2012 Presidential Election

    "Collision 2012" is a comprehensive description of the most recent presidential election and the campaigns leading up to it.

  • Robert e. Lee jr. - It gets my top rating, but you probably won't watch it repeatedly...

    A natural replacement for those who were stuck watching "The Day After Tomorrow" over and over again...good story/plot and lots of action going on. But it is not a film you will repeatedly watch. Once you've seen it, the entertainment value drops each time thereafter...

  • P. Moore - Baffled by negative reviews, I LOVE MagicJack

    I have been reading a lot of negative reviews and I have had none of the problems listed. I got my first MagicJack in 2006. I have never had a problem and loved it. Last year I upgraded to the MagicJack Plus. I was able to convert my phone number from Comcast for $20. I have excellent call quality. I have a three phone system with answering machine. All three phones are cordless and spread throughout my house. Each and every phone has excellent sound quality. I am able to use my fax machine, sending and receiving without any problem.

  • Virginia Lawrence - Thieves Essential Oil Really works!

    I've purchased this oil elsewhere previously, and I found that it kept me from catching colds and flu. That sounds ridiculous, but it was recommended to me by a chiropractor, and I've found that she was right.