Alzheimer's CURE Foundation - Alzheimer's CURE Foundation. Our mission and vision is to dramatically accelerate the cure for Alzheimer’s disease while at the same time supporting education and reaching out into the community to create awareness.

  • Wall of Remembrance - Alzheimer's CURE Foundation - This page will serve as a Virtual Wall of Remembrance not only to those who have lost their battle with Alzheimer's, but for anyone who is no longer with us.
  • The Beginning - Alzheimer's CURE Foundation - Alzheimer's CURE Foundation - Wouldn’t it be great if someone starts an Alzheimer’s Prize for the Alzheimer’s Cure?”, I asked him. His face lit up, “Yes! That would be awesome!”, he replied and before the conversation could develop any further, I quickly changed the topic.

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  • Kindle Customer - Bohemian material is rougher!! But car seat is a great investment.

    DO NOT get the bohemian material. I've had the plain and the bohemian and the plain natural color sections of the bohemian are indeed roughly textured compared directly to the other one, when brand new. I haven't washed it to see if it makes a difference. The striped parts of the bohemian are much softer (the parts where your child may rest their face when sleeping) than the body. The look of it reminds me generally of a retro couch, in a good way!

  • Bill Reuter - Just finished the 2nd day happy with the results

    Just finished the 2nd day happy with the results. I've used this product years ago. Kind of forgot about it . But decided to give it a try again and I just reordered 2 more bottles so I would have some on hand.Pricing seems funny last week I paid over $25.00 for 2 bottles now A week later I paid A little over $21.00.

  • Custom made Fitness - PLEASE READ

    We bought this product after pouring through lots of reviews and determined the product was safe. We used it on our two cats and 2 dogs and one of out cats immediately became ill, skin, tongue and eyes turned red and he had mucous drool. My husband ran him to emergency vet where they sedated and bathed him and determined he was poisoned by this product. We are watching him closely as he is not himself. won't eat or drink and walking like he is in pain.