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  • R Kruppa - Danger, do not buy this product!

    After only 3 uses, this crockpot's thermostat malfunctioned. On high heat I got a full (really full) rolling boil - hard enough to burn my chili verde on the ceramic surface of the liner! I turned it down to low heat with the same result. I tried to "reboot" by turning it off for a while then restarting - same result. I finally resorted to the "keep warm" setting but the unit came back to the hard rolling boil again. I'm glad I didn't leave it unattended or I may have had a disaster in my kitchen. Into the garbage it went. along with my hard-earned cash. It wasn't worth the time and effort to repackage it to return it to Amazon. Be very careful if you decide to order this unit. Quite a disappointment.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing helmet

    Very light. Excellent fit with adjustable fore/aft band. I have a large. The weight is listed at 251 g. I'm eager to see how this feels after a long day in the saddle from an endurance event like the Dirty Kanza 200, or Gravel Worlds.

  • D. Burkhart - Great value for average golfer

    I returned to playing golf after 35 years. I have used this set for the past 3 months, playing 3 to 4 times per week. These clubs make golf much more fun than I remember. Although I'm not nearly as strong as I used to be, these clubs are really easy to handle. The driver and 3 woods are light and easy to control. The irons feel heavy, but solid in a good way. The putter is large and very sturdy. Unfortunately, it still has three puts per green in it like my old putter. I guess that might be more my problem than the putter's. Great lightweight bag. The clubs arrived in two days and were ready to play. I purchased in April and thought it was a great deal, $200 w/free shipping. A great choice for recreational golfer.

  • Frankie Adams - Not impressed

    I used this toothpaste and gel for several days and I did not notice that my teeth were any whiter. I would not buy it again.

  • Amazon Customer - Securifi help me recover the Internet that SPRINT stole from me.

    My story is that Clear (Clearwire Internet) sold me an easy setup wireless modem for $99.00. Just plug it in, turn on your computer, and you have unlimited internet for life for just $29.99, with no software to install. Well...SPRINT didn't like that, so SPRINT bought CLEAR to destroy this company by shutting down all CLEAR's Towers, so SPRINT could remove this great deal from the market (you know how evil cell phone companies like to charge for data -- often by the megabyte).

  • Sue Weaver - Discoveries From Animal Studies, That Translate Into Curing Disease In Humans, Through Nutrition

    The overall information is very good. I wasn't so interested in the veterinarian background. Dr. Wallach is also a Naturopathic Doctor as well, and, although his discoveries were from working with animals and how some diseases can be cured through his discoveries, It was more interested in the outcomes and how his discoveries can help humanity.