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  • David - STEP1 sucks...

    I swear by this book. Currently studying for STEP1. I would be completely lost if it wasn't for this book. However, while this may be used as a primary source for information, you can't expect to pass with ONLY this material. UWorld is a MUST. Generally, First Aid + UWorld (and maybe Goljan if you have time) is sufficient.

  • Geoffrey Hunter - Simple Daily Weight Loss and Detox

    I have had great weight loss since using this product. As for the cramps it may be because the tea is really working to cleanse your body of all the toxins and other harmful products in many foods that we eat. After the first couple of days it should really feel soothing on your stomach along with your meals.

  • Rose - Works pretty well.

    I received a free bottle of the tablets from being a BzzAgent. They work pretty well without bad side affects. I forget to take often enough but probably should use 2 per meal to work well since I take medicines that cause constipation. I just ordered a bottle from Amazon to use during a trip.

  • Ryan Bray - Hero3 is a broken product

    Amazon took down my first review of the Hero3 Silver. I don't know why. I got one (not ordered through Amazon) for my birthday back in November 2012 and it didn't work. I took it back to big box retailer and got a replacement. It also didn't work. Then I got a third one. For the third time, it didn't work. I bought two San Disk cards, a 16GB and a 64GB, both are the models recommended by gopro, and updated the firmware on all three of the cameras to the most recent (it was the 12/15/2012 FW, which was still the most recent available in February 2013). Everytime, after 20-40 videos, the memory card would get corrupted, the camera would lock up, and I'd lose all my stored videos. At that point the camera would start corrupting the memory card almost immediately every time, even after I reformtted it in the camera. Because the issue takes so many videos to occur, even though I use them a lot (surfing, in my truck and on my motorcycle), it took me 3 months to burn through the three cameras. And because it took so long, the big box retailer where I bought it would only give me store credit in the end.

  • linli - Fine work! The price is a little expensive

    The long-awaited! Finally I want to buy something, the seller shipped fast! Fine work! The price is a little expensive! So 4 stars