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  • GCGoldWinger - A few days taking this and can already see the difference!

    I have been taking about 1-2 teaspoons of this for the last few days and can see an improvement in my health already! On the first day it definitely cleansed my system. It provides me with energy and I feel as though it curves my hunger pains. I even rubbed some on my heels (I have plantar fasciitis/heel spurs) and it provided instant relief. This product came recommended to me from a co-worker and I am glad I bought it.

  • Diamond Chante - Unique!

    I know selfie stick are kind of dying down right now but I love me a selfie stick that is very reliable but also super compact. I gave this product a five star rating due to that this selfie stick is very unique and different. The selfie stick comes with a selfie ring light which allows for the absolute best lighting. I get so many compliments about this product and how everything is includes all in one which is perfect for when you're having a girls night out and light is key. This is an excellent product that is bring selfie sticks back to life! Based on my experience with this product I would definitely purchase again and would definitely recommend to any and everybody!

  • Z. Brickett - Worked but pricey

    This stuff worked so I gave it four stars, because hey it did what it's suppose to do. But it's waaaay to pricey. I found tattoo goo lotion for a lot less and it worked equally as well.

  • Michele Fleeger - must have for summer feet!

    I love this product!! I used it right after my shower and it left my heals so soft they were shiny ;) The only think I didn't like was my feet are ticklish so I had to go lightly over the middle of my foot. Followed us with peppermint lotion and it feels just like I had a pedicure at home!

  • GuidoFamily - I've been won over

    So, my wife bought one of these over two years ago and has been using it regularly. My daughter started using it as she grew into using a full-sized toilet as a toddler. I've been the holdout until now. I'm reviewing this now because I just bought a second to put in the master bathroom so we have both household toilets ready to go. I've fallen in love with it.

  • Deborah D. Hirsch - V-cube

    Well, I've had this cube for about 3 weeks now. I honestly don't like it. It's turning is very hard to control, it sometimes goes too far and sometimes too short, and it takes a while to get used to. It also locks up alot, and the tensions are almost impossible to adjust. It never pops though, it hasn't popped on me yet. It is very sturdy too, I've dropped it countless times on hard floors and it still looks fine. The colors are very bright, and the pillowed shape looks pretty cool.

  • CHRIS URIBE - Way better than the whey protein

    This powder definitely gets the job done. Way better than the whey protein. Being a football coach and trainer this works well.