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  • LTPZ - Okay for the kids

    I like it because my 10 year old wanted it and likes using it. It's all about preference, because I still prefer the typical nail trimmer. Just one thing... We don't know if it's because it's being used on child's nails versus an adults, but contrary to what it says in the instructions, it works better on dry nails.

  • Charlene D. Wharton - Great look for the price

    My son had me order this for him. I watched him put it on. The instructions were easy to follow and it did not take more than 15 minutes in all.

  • lacy Grimstad - ULTIMATE GAMBLE

    THIS PRODUCT CAN BLOW YOUR ENGINE IN A WEEK! For a year i got by with a slight head leak letting air into the coolant system. introducing this product instantly stopped the air flow. a week later the wife brought home an overheated waterless blown cracked and very disturbed 3.6 !!

  • bbanta - Finding stars

    StellarScope is a fiendishly clever device. It is well-made, and is unique in its ability to render the sky picture at different latitudes, including the southern hemisphere. Included with the StellarScope is a small flashlight which is needed to illuminate the star reticle when the device is used outdoors at night. I think a conventional planisphere is a better choice for most users because the sky picture is larger and is better suited to use by a student and their teacher.

  • JB8824 - Soothing

    Natural Calm seems to be helping a long running nerve issue diagnosed as Thoracic Outlet syndrome. Essentially a pinched nerve bundle between the middle and anterior scalene muscles. Muscle spasms down the entire left side of the body from the neck to the traps and down the back. Natural Calm seems to be helping the symptoms and reducing stress which is a major contributing factor to the pain.