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  • Elizabeth - This is the backup for everybody

    This is a great backup program, not expensive, easy to use. If your photos and data are worth more than $50 get this program. Very easy and simple graphics to set it up once and done.

  • Eric Peterson - Changed the game for my deadlifts

    If you lift and have trouble with grip or want to improve your grip, this is a remarkably sound purchase. I'm new at weightlifting and was struggling with deadlifts. Without this product, I was barely able to do 1 or 2 reps of 275lb deadlifts. No matter how hard I tried, the bar started slipping from my sweaty hands. I knew I had more power in me though. I forgot I had Dry Hands in my locker. I retrieved and applied the product and went for another attempt. The difference was Night and Day. My grip was absolutely solid, and I did 5 reps at the same weight without any grip problems.

  • Avid Reader - I just couldn't do it

    I tried. I really tried to sink into it but the storyline is so disjointed and the characters so unbelievable I gave up about a third of the way in.

  • Adam - Pretty Awful!

    This cheese is pretty nasty. I didn't pay 92 dollars for it though I saw it at the store and figured what the heck I'd give it a try. Later I was rummaging for a snack when I spied my recent purchase. I grabbed a slice and ate it and immediately spit it out. Its pretty awful stuff, tastes like crap. The only redeeming side is its not too bad if you melt it on a sandwich.

  • gifife - Not sure

    Each piece of chlorine tablet is wrapped in plastic. So your hands can really get contaminated trying to get the thing out. Idk what concentration level of chlorine is in each tablet, but it seems like I havr to use alot of these to even try to keep up with my chlorine levels.

  • Cameron Psiaki - Built for durability, but don't expect to use it as long as advertised

    I didn't buy my Vista on Amazon, but having owned one for 7 years I wanted to write a review. As new parents in 2009 a Vista was a huge purchase for us (it cost about $650 back then). There were many things I loved about it: folding, the huge basket underneath for doing errands, the suspension, the bassinet (really only for our babies sleeping at home though, not for use on the frame), the rain fly and generous sun shade, the way the seat could face forward or backward, and how durable it was for consistent daily use. It is heavy when folded and doesn't always stand upright so well but those were really the only drawbacks as we used it through three kids. For the first two, they both slept in it every day for months to a year or more, and living an urban lifestyle at the time I was used to trekking all around town to the park with a whole picnic in the basket, to getting groceries, or a huge stack of library books. The seat cover and basket fabric removed easily for cleaning. BUT. We are now on our 4th child and as I was getting ready to inventory our baby gear, I noticed the wheels needed to be replaced for the second time (last time was 2012 or so). We haven't used the stroller regularly in about a year since we moved and live a more car-dependent lifestyle now, and my toddler walks most places or we use our umbrella style UppaBaby, the G-Lite (a fine stroller, hard to click open but otherwise fine). The UppaBaby site lists replacement back wheels as available for 2010 models and later ONLY. In contacting customer service, it was confirmed that the replacement wheels would not fit our 2009 model. So here's the problem. UppaBaby is selling high end, very expensive, and very durable strollers that they market for use through multiple children (though the rumble seat attachment never worked for us...my kids are too tall and just didn't have enough space, so we've used it almost exclusively as a single). But, they aren't willing to support backwards compatibility through product redesigns long enough for customers to actually HAVE those multiple children. When you're talking three or four children to use the same stroller meant for that purpose, you have to support replacement parts that will actually enable the use of the stroller for that long. We're having 4 kids in 7 years, but most people stretch them out farther than that. So to whom would I recommend an $800 stroller purchase? Probably nobody. The frame can take the use, and so can the removable coverings (I haven't washed them that frequently and they still look good), but when something essential like wheels inevitably needs to be replaced, you're stuck. I will likely buy a pair of rear wheels on eBay to extend the life of our Vista this one time, but once they're toast, we won't be going back to UppaBaby for a new stroller. A company that alienates the very customers it seeks to attract (i.e. parents having multiple children) by neglecting to support the extended use of their product won't be getting more money from me.

  • DanielleR - Very easy to swallow and no strong smell

    These prenatal vitamins are very easy to swallow and I have not had any negative reactions to them. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant with my second son. Between having my son two years ago, breastfeeding and planning to get pregnant again, I have basically been taking prenatal vitamins for a few years now. While I have only been taking this particular brand for a coupe of weeks now, I have not noticed any negative side effects. Some prenatal vitamins cause me to be constipated and I have not had any problems with these. These prenatal vitamins are very easy to take. They are a small gel capsule, vs a huge non coated pill, like some other prenatal vitamins. They are very easy to swallow. I also have never noticed any strong smell or any aftertaste at all. I also do not notice any type of smell that "comes up" later in the day. Overall, this seems to be a good prenatal vitamin and would be great for anyone who has a hard time swallowing those larger pills or for someone who is bothered by the smell or taste of other pills. Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount or for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I review products based on their quality and performance and welcome the opportunity to give both positive and negative reviews.