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  • Mat Doughty - Easy Installation & it Immediately went to work!

    I had one laptop that I hadn't used on a regular basis for quite a while. When I finally got around to attempting to "clean it up" ... it was truly NOT loving life. I searched around and just wanted to get a low cost antivirus... in hopes it would take care of some of the issues. I decided on this one because for the cost, the reviews were good. I think I made the right choice! It was SUPER EASY to install, and then it immediately went to work scanning and ended up neutralizing quite a few threats. LOL.

  • bau2015 - Good Guide

    I ordered this for a friend. He loved this guide and said it was very helpful and insightful. Helped a lot. Order and received quickly thanks to Amazon Prime.

  • sbrown44 - Seeking Perection

    I have used Kaspersky for several years. My 2013 version is about to expire. I am looking for something better for these reasons: The program runs quietly, so quietly that it doesn't seem to bother stopping bogus programs from piggybacking into my computer. This problem was discovered when pop-ups began to barrage i.e. with every click of the mouse. Kaspersky was running but I went to windows security scanner site and as wndows scanned my computer suddenly kaspersky pops up with a warning about three intruders "it" had found. Go figure. This led me to discover how difficult it is to find, and then use, Kaspersky contact information. As I write this I am waiting for a response after spending an hour and a half completing the six zillion step proceedure they require to determine the problem. This pop-up program I found and eliminated myself after I had asked them for help, but since the culprit was a newly aquired program I didn't recognize it was relatively easy. What if it had been a program capable of serious damage to the computer?

  • brian - - The new, Definate version of the "Rock Opera"

    This is by far the best Jesus Christ Superstar cd out there. I have heard them all except the australian cast, which i've heard is not very good. The orchestrations are Amazingly clear and powerful. This cd leaves no songs cut, and it includes a newer version of "Could we start again, Please?". Steve B. who plays Jesus is very impressive and has a large vocal range. Joanna Ampil is a little weak as Mary, but she sings well. Zubin Varla is extremely good as Judas, and the rest of the cast is super. Including the casting of Alice Cooper, yes the rock star, as King Herod. As someone said earlier, the songs have definate endings and no "fade Outs", real theater performances have no "fade outs". Buy this cd even if you already have a million other Jesus Christ Superstar cd's. Enjoy.

  • Drclawscat - Seems to be working for troubled areas

    This is an interesting cream and comes in the same press down to pump container that other NYB products are shipped in. Professional packaging and appearance as always.

  • investor - I knew that for $70, the quality would be ...

    I knew that for $70, the quality would be questionable. This product does what it is designed to do, but seems extremely delicate.

  • Thomas Lopez - Looks freaking awesome!!

    The punch outs for the passenger side fog light was a little off but, nothing this retired carpenter couldn't handle. Sprayed with a wrinkle finish. Looks freaking awesome!!!