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CSGOSTRONG – All In Bets Roulette! – Searcher Casino - Each weekend tournament will have 25 points up for grabs, and the team that finishes the series with the most points will automatically qualify to compete against the top North American CS:GO Teams in the on June 20-21, 2015 also hosted by CEVO. Qualifier 1 will begin with a Preliminary Qualifier bracket on Saturday, May 30th 128 team double elimination bracket from which the top 8 teams will qualify to compete against the 8 invited teams in the Championship Qualifier bracket on Sunday, May 31st 16 team double elimination bracket. About ESWC: The Electronic Sports World Cup is a worldwide competition of video games starting locally with national qualifying to end with a World Final gathering all the cyber athletes and designed as a live show.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • schlossb - Easy to Plan

    Rick Steve's approach is to make planning a breeze. All aspects from money exchange, cash on hand, credit cards, transportation and how much time to spend and where depending on your time constraints, etc. are covered. Not all of Spain is highlighted, but for a first time visitor, this is perfect.

  • R. Hatcher - Wow - this works!

    Got this for my mother for Christmas - she loves her Diet Cokes icy cold but that proved to be a problem. In the fridge they weren't cold enough and in the freezer...well...the cans exploded if forgotten. A can placed in this coolor is iced down in a minute to mom's perfection! It also works wonderfully for chilling wine - yummy perfect! The water and spinning action will remove wine labels but you can change the settings to deal with that problem. Highly recommend this item!

  • Amazon Customer - overrated, expensive

    I used this product for about 2 years. I regret it. It wears off in 2 hours and gives me a strange yellow cast to my skin. Since it wears off so fast I was buying very often which became pricey. I LOVE my $12 foundation from Physicians Formula that is mineral based, does not irritate my skin, and last ALL day! Not to mention it's more convenient as I don't have to order it on the internet or go to the special store like I do with bareminerals. Get over the hype. Use what really works!

  • JHuston - Great for stacking a monitor above another

    Perfect for what I was looking for. I stack monitors above my existing monitors to make a wall of six monitors and this worked perfectly.