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  • Amanda - I have loved all of the Just Dance games

    I have loved all of the Just Dance games. I have to say this is the worst. The songs may be great but the dance moves are nearly impossible to follow and the background graphics are extremely dizzying. Not to mention the camera zooms in and out and goes side to side which makes it that much harder to follow the dancer moves. I have looked forward to each Just Dance released and this one is hands down the most disappointing. Who cares about fancy graphics? Let's go back to the basics and enjoy the game for what it was made for... to JUST DANCE!

  • Jency Michelle - Easy and holds well

    My boyfriend and I just bought a new house. We wanted to save space by mounting our TV instead of having extra furniture to place it on. We went to Best Buy to see how much their mounts were and it was just completely insane! Needless to say, we were in and out in 2 minutes.

  • Jason Theriault - This is John Connor. If you're reading this, you are the resistence.

    My name is John Connor, they tried to murder me before I was born, when I was 13 they tried again. Cables from the future. AudioQuest K2 terminated speaker cables. All my life my mother told me the storm was coming, Judgment Day, the beginning of the war between man and machines. Three billion lives would vanish in an instant, and I would lead what was left of the human race to ultimate victory.

  • Mark Karber - Good read but...

    I enjoyed reading this book. As someone who was related to a person that was charged with a crime they didn't commit, I could relate well to Darren. All of the the characters had some depth and I liked the 1st person prose. Although I gave it 4 stars because I enjoyed it very much, it read a little bit like a Hollywood movie script instead of something that would truly happen. Parts of it were somewhat realistic yes. And I know how these southern DA's and so forth are, but it was a little fantastical and over the top at various times. And there some coincidences that seemed like they were written in to fit the story. I found myself rolling my eyes several times. Like really? Sure, like that would really happen. Not. But it did keep the story moving along on it's glide path. Finally, it was a little formulaic and in the end all the little loose ends perfectly came together so that everyone leaves the theater (or book) happy. I can recommend it....but beware of what you are going to be getting.

  • Amazon Customer - Not happy with the fact that when you use turn signals ...

    Not happy with the fact that when you use turn signals it makes the Jeep computer think a bulb is out and flashes fast and tells you your turn signal is out. Answer that problem for me please?

  • Porscheman - TV Blue tooth TV transmitter

    This item is the best for transferring your tv signal to a blue tooth devise. Watch tv and not bother your wife sleeping. Great thing about this device is it gets power from the usb cord. You never have to worry about power. Links up to blue tooth effortlessly.Would recommend buying coulash blue tooth ear plugs. Works great.

  • R. Zamudio - Sold my GoPro 2 to raise money to buy this one. Big mistake.

    I bought this version in mid-January after selling my GoPro 2 to a friend. Right out of the box it had issues, even after updating the firmware. Freezes, poor battery life with conservative settings, will not transfer files via the USB cable on a Windows 7 PC, having to do hard resets often. This version should not have been released.