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  • Amazon Customer - Absolutely great product!!

    I'm 31 years old and I have seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp. I started to notice my hair thinning and looking very flat. I took these pills and in 7 days I noticed half of less hair shed that I normally would get after washing and combing. Within 3 weeks I have very very minimal hair shed after washing and during washing my hair! The first week I took I pill then I began taking two a day for the past month in a half. I also use nioxin shampoo for two months. I began that a month prior to starting the biotin. My hair feels fuller, more volume, and my hair line looks darker! Can't wait to see what my hair looks in feels like when I hit 3 months! Great product! No side affects! I have problem acne skin which I take spironlactone and has been a miracle pill not problems so far!!! Also D3 vitamin I have heard can help with hair thinning as well! I take 5000 mg of that a day as well. Hope this helps someone

  • Rhonda - Lots of kid dancing

    My grandkids love dancing to this and it offers great exercise especially in the winter months. Used mostly by a 3 year old.

  • Maria Medley - It worked great for me

    I got this because I had impaired movement and a severe osteoarthritis in my left hip. It worked great for me. After my total hip replacement it has been a life saver as far as stretching, modified yoga moves, pilates moves and overall strength training. I'm getting back to my old self slowly but surely.

  • Scott Craig - Works for me

    I am a 58 yr old male and I have noticed using all 3 products in the 3 step process, that it has cut down on my hair loss, perhaps even thickening it. Now I can put my fingers through my hair and it actually does feel a bit thicker. Not as thick as the hair on the back of my head, but still, not as bad as it was before I started using Nioxin Cleanser, Conditioner and scape treatment. That is the real key, the scalp treatment.


    This travel guide was so promising when I first placed the order. I couldn't wait to read it as soon as it arrived. So many people have put their trust in Rick Steves' words, I thought for certain this would be the go-to book. After carefully combing through each page and digesting its contents, I can appreciate some of his insider tips and how well the information is organized, however I found myself turning to the internet more than to this book.

  • EWilson - Amazing product

    A friend recommended cellfood to me, and I have used it for years. At the time I had been a jaw clencher, within one month of using cellfood I had stopped clenching. That may have been a result of the minerals allowing my muscles to relax, but other mineral supplements had no affect on it. I hadn't really attributed it to the cellfood at that time, but within three weeks of not taking it, I was back to clenching. Upon resuming, my jaw relaxed.