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  • Lmisscutie - Very light

    This is a nice oil that is light and residue less. It leaves your hair with a shine on your hair as if you put nothing on it. A natural shiny look.

  • Amazon - I am a size 16 top and bottom and it fits awesome. I love it

    I have received numerous compliments. I was skeptical of the size, but they do run bid. I am a size 16 top and bottom and it fits awesome. I love it. I constantly buy all the different colora.

  • andrew - Not a ginger fan, but this works

    I am going through some sort of liver problem at the moment and I have had a loss of appetite and stomach bloating. Every morning I feel nauseated due to air inside of my stomach. I absolutely hate ginger, but decided to try it and it works for me. It's definitely spicy and kind of burns, but somehow it soothes my stomach.

  • Stevie P - Just as good as the Honda OEM bars at a third of the price

    I put these bars on a 2016 Honda CR-V. Intalation was a breeze, it took about 15 to 20 minutes from the time I opened the box until the installation was complete...Four Phillips head screws (provided) was all it took. The fit was -perfect- and the quality is just as good as the ($300) dealer installed OEM bars. These bars aren't as good as the ($300 - plus) Yakima Whispbars that I had on my 2009 CRV but for the price, they are more than acceptable. Highly recommended.

  • Pen Name - contracted malware while installed.

    I had avast on my computer and contracted a vicious malware that is annoying as hell. I called customer support and they wanted $150 to remove it. I think this proves my point. Anti virus software manufactures are the virus creators. Talk about job security. Avast can kiss my A$&.

  • moose - Simplisafe, pretty simple

    This system arrived in about 3 days as promised. It was packed nicely and easy to access all the components. The installation was very easy...just read all the instructions especially when you install the sensors, they do have to be aligned to the magnet in a precise manner. I installed the whole system in less than one hour. The only issue I had was the sensor for my front door which is a metal one. The sensor kept falling off which is something that will cause the alarm to go off. If you have a wooden door, you will be fine. I had to end up putting some gorilla glue on the back and that seemed to do the trick although I may have a bit of a mess if I want to move the system when I move. The system is very easy to use although the keypad doesn't illuminate and I have trouble seeing it without my readers. There is a keychain remote that has a button for shutting the system off and another button for setting it when you leave plus a panic button. If you are at home you have to use the keypad to set the alarm which is still easy...just hit "home". They allow you three days to learn everything before you go live with the monitoring station so if you make some errors you don't have to worry about getting a call. I like that one of the components (that actually contacts the monitoring center) has a light at the base that turns on/off and has a voice that tells you when your alarm is set for away, home, or if you are testing. I do recommend Simplisafe, it was about half the price of a local company that I contacted initially and the monitoring fee is very reasonable. Watch the video on their website for further information.