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  • Olga Panova - Magnificent travel guide.

    A very detailed description of the most interesting sights. Very interesting description ( not boring). Many useful links.Also a lot of interesting and practical advice.There is additional information.I like this guide very much.A huge thanks to the author.Waiting for new guides from Lars Jonsson.I advise everyone to read.

  • John Dell'Isola - Samsung Galaxy Prevail II (Boost Mobile)

    Purchased 2 of these phones 1 for myself to replace a Trac Fone and another for my younger brother, both phones had other cell phone numbers ported over within 2 days this was the only good thing. Then we took my brothers phone to Subaru to have it connected with BlueTooth well the Subaru was 2012 model and this phone was not compatible - STRIKE 1, Then I tried to connect my phone to a MultiPoint Speakerphone from BlueTooth again not compatible the only BlueTooth this phone recognizes is SPH-M840 - STRIKE 2, To top it off the contents in the box were incorrect there was no car charger included and the phone was not made in America as indicated but instead it was made in China - STRIKE 3, Someone needs to update the Activation Guide, Re-Boost & Important info booklet - Under step 2 Get Activated go to Boostmobile.com/activate according to this website address it said you could not transfer your number online so I called the number listed 1-877-TLK-More turns out this number is no longer in svc you are directed to 888-211-4727 this number is Sprint and it was there I was told because I did not purchase the phone directly from them they could not help me. These phones are supposed to be brand new in a sealed box - just how old are these Samsung Galaxy Prevail II (Boost Mobile) cell phones that Blue Tooth is not compatible?