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  • Amazon Customer - The instructor is very knowledgeable and easy to follow

    The instructor is very knowledgeable and easy to follow. The topics are explained very clearly. The Excel 2013 training video is an excellent learning tool.

  • G. Luker - A front runner in a healthy digestive system

    I bought this because I have Candida and I heard the Gaps diet would eliminate it, (will see). Even if it doesn't help me eliminate my Candida it is a facinating book! I will never use regular salt anymore and many other tips such as why organic food is the way to go. She is a brilliant Scientist and her research is impectable!! a healthy stomach equals a healthy person!!!!!!!

  • Middlebunny - No change in behavior so far; but, I's willing to try a smaller size to see if that might yield better results

    I have a 51 pound, 7 year old, Am Cocker Spaniel, rescue who after years of being relatively "normal", with normal being defined as generally hyperactive with aggressive tendencies, started to display separation anxiety symptoms. In the last month, my precious fur baby has destroyed a brand new pair of sandals from Zappos, my hardback volume of all of Jane Austen's works, a box of tea bags (yes, that required an emergency Vet visit and call to poison control from the Animal hospital), and some peripherals for my Apple MacBook Pro. Obviously, this new "anxiety" disorder was costing me thousands in destroyed personal assets so I resorted to solutions from Amazon.

  • walksndark - Not much for the money.

    Not much the money. You may want to either invest in a real Skylight from a Window manufacturer, or get one of the cheaper brands (ex "Velux" costs less than half the price). The materials seem laughably cheap, maybe $50 worth of parts (other than the "Dome" which is rock solid) - certainly feels a rip-off when they are trying to charge $350. Lots of flimsy plastic parts which look really tacky on the interior side, and the tubes are weak thin sheet metal (any thinner and it might be tinfoil). The only good thing about this brand, is the patented light collection dome - which "concentrates" the light. OK, but not something I am sure would buy again.

  • SWAT_wife6714 - We use this daily!

    I use this product on my twin girls. They are in the first grade and go to public school. They have light hair, and I am an over washer of their hair. They got lice twice last school year, and we were introduced to Fairy Tales products. Since the last out break, we have used the shampoo, conditioner, conditioning spray and hair spray! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these products. The girls love the smell and seems to be working because we haven't had it in 6+ months. If you have any chance of your child getting this horrible bug, buy this product!

  • Hans - Really good. Don't miss Season 1!

    with so much absolute garbage cluttering the entertainment industry it was a real treat to find Season 1 of Goliath. It has good acting (not just good actors, but good acting). It has a believable, relatable plot - not some dumbed-down hyped up tinfoil hat story. The pace was good, and the finer points of the law, as well as how the law (in the USA) can both bring the truth to light as well as hide it from the eyes of justice - it was all well done.