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  • PhilipL - Like product, bottle image needs more accuracy

    I've been using Nioxin Intensive Therapy Hair Booster for years. I still have a head of hair. Because of the product image, I thought the bottle did not come with a pump, but it does. Thinking it did not come with a pump, I bought it at W**mart with a pump, and it was twice the cost as this site.

  • Mrs. JFK - Save your $$

    Very disappointed with the smell and taste of this product. Package instructions should be changed to read put 1/2 of this product w/ 1 pound of ground beef. Otherwise, it's too soupy and overwhelming. It has a real off putting sweet aftertaste, and overpowering taste of chipolte. I think its chipolte as I couldn't finish one taco.

  • Timothy L. - Works great and is exactly like it was represented in the ...

    Product actually arrived ahead of schedule. Works great and is exactly like it was represented in the ads. A lot more of an exercise than expected. Very glad to have made the purchase. Highly recommend the exerciser to anyone looking to get back in shape in a low impact sort of way.

  • Valerie Frentz - Could live without.

    The reason I give this product three stars because it does rapidly charge your phone but you can't just set your phone on there you gotta find the right spot for it to connect your phone and start charging it makes me feel like plugging it in is just as easy as trying to find the right spot for it to charge. Otherwise great product like the fact that you can have it on the charger and just grab it and go without any wires.

  • denvergirl - Beware 2

    Horrible customer service. They are pretty sneaky with their monthy fees and how they bill. I will never order from the site again just on amazon. I have been waiting for a refund for over 4 months now. Like others have said never give them your credit card info. Beware of all the small writting.

  • Nick Johnson - Coincidence? I don't think so.

    I purchased the Ouija from a local store in the early 90s. I played it often with friends and never really got good results till one occasion. I was playing the ouija with My step-brother Dan, and step-sister, Holly. He was about 8 and she was about 10 and I was about 16 years old. On this occasion we decided to ask what our 'spirit guides' names were. It spelled out "ARTHUR" for mine "GARETH" for Holly and "BRET" for Dan. After playing I went downstairs and told my mom about what we learned. She suggested that I look the names up in the dictionary. I reluctantly did so with the expectation that it would be fruitless. I looked up Arthur. The results were as expected, King Arthur references and a few others. Then, I looked up Gareth.. I discovered that Gareth was King Arthur's Nephew! I was absolutely shocked!! (understatement) There was no way my sister, or brother knew this information, 100% positive, and I didn't know it myself. The odds of this being a coincidence is astronomical. If 'Ideomotor" effect moves the planchette, then that 'effect' is involved with some information that is beyond the participants knowledge. I feel the names given up by the board were a way for me to confirm the board's authenticity, rather than literally saying that they were in fact our guides. I havent been able to find the name 'Bret' in connection with this even with the help of the internet today, but who knows. Something may come to light some day.. But all in all, the information the board gave up that night has further solidified my beliefs about the authenticity of the Ouija.