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  • Kindle Customer - Successfull Download in the US

    I live in the US. I called Amazon Customer Service. They had me push down on the power button for about 2 minutes, then power on the Kindle Fire - the book was still not downloaded. The representative requested to share my screen, but I declined and decided to wait for Ms Welch to re-upload the book. However, minutes later I went back into Amazon and repurchased the book and it downloaded successfully. This may work for you too. Otherwise, call Amazon Customer Service. Obviously I haven't read the book yet, but I rated 5 stars because I'm sure it is great reading!

  • Grant - Awesome grille! It does scratch easily so beware of ...

    Awesome grille! It does scratch easily so beware of that. I sprayed mine with Bedliner to give it a mean look. Highly reccomend!!

  • Liz Massa - Works Great!

    Works great. I like it much better than Turbo Tax. Turbo Tax always has problems, while H&R Block works smoothly. Plus, if you aren't sure about something just call your local H&R Block office and they will take a look at it.

  • Gerald M. Azenaro - Amazing practice tool.

    Rocksmith 2014 is an amazing tool. I've been messing around with guitars for 30 years, but never had the patience to methodically learn to play. I don't really have time for lessons from a teacher or the patience to teach myself tab. So I diddled around with an acoustic for literally decades. When I heard about Rocksmith I though it was a neat idea, but the original version had pretty mediocre review so I never tried it. When 2014 came out and I started to hear good things about it, I bought it as soon as it went on sale.

  • Alex Ramirez - Hard to install

    I bought this product but could not get to install it. I deactivated the firewalls and antivirus, and it failed ot install. Amazon will not issue a refund, thye send you to intuit. Inuit recquires an uninstal verification to refund, but since it was never installed they don't know how to issue the refund. Don't bother, but the CD instead.

  • codder9 - Love it!

    It works great! I just wish the side for the bigger kid, with the snack cup, flipped up. Instead, my daughter has to crawl under the bar to get in her side of the BOB.