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  • Brat922 - Too Scared To Work

    These didn't work for me. I admit that having an item plugged into the wall that will increase bugs being in the house for the first two weeks, kinda scared me more than having the spiders originally did. I kept looking, would sometimes be thinking about it at night if I woke. Was afraid I'd be stepping on bugs on a bathroom run. LOL Am sending them back today.

  • Rob S. - Great Ray-Bans, Great Seller!!

    I just got my sunglasses today. I have prime shipping but it only took 1 day to arrive, so I'm impressed. I know a lot of other customer reviews were somewhat surprised (or disappointed) that their ray-ban sunglasses were made in China. I got lucky, my pair was made in Italy. Nevertheless, I know some people think their sunglasses are fake because they say 'made in China' instead of Italy, but that's not the case.

  • Mr. Impossible - Five Stars, with Caveats

    Five Stars, With Caveats. This is a ongoing series, done every year. Every year a guest editor selects his or her selection of stories from what was out there in the world, either published online or in an actual book or magazine. Fair enough. The selection from year to year varies with the editors. Most years there is somewhat of an emphasis on selections from the New Yorker, a prestigious magazine to be sure. Somtimes you find stories only published online. This seems more adventuresome to me. Overall the quality is very high and intriguing. It does seem to me, though, that authors and editors throughout the land and around the world (and for this yearly publication) tend to favor one style of writing and one very similar voice, that varies from modern to postmodern. Where are the authors of the next wave of writing? Many of the stories are good. Too many seem contrived from the head, though well done. What is lacking are stories from the heart. I want something to move me, and not simply delight me with well-wrought phrases and overall good craftshmanship. To be a real author, one must impale oneself upon the world, and sing one's final moments on this Earth, recounting the victories and defeats, weaving them seamlessly into a vision of Eternity.

  • bv_amazonian - THE best wine preservers on the market

    THE best wine preservers on the market...The vacuum capabilities ensure that the air is removed form the bottle allowing you to preserve an open bottle of wine for a week or so longer than others. Rarely do i ever finish a bottle when I open one and now I dont worry about wasting it if I cant finish it.

  • Nick Dizon - Helped me a lot in finding the right words for ...

    Helped me a lot in finding the right words for my own performance review. I’ll be able to use it too when appraising my direct reports.

  • JudY R. - Six words to describe this book…. EROTIC, NAUGHTY, YUMMY AND OH SO GOOD!!!

    Well, another fantastic read by author Isabella Starling. This book stole my attention and I swear I just could NOT put it down until I finished it. I’m not kidding…. You could NOT pry my Kindle away while I was reading it.