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Essay about role model my mom - binГ¤ren Handel - 6 Sep 2007 "I knew it was quite good when my mum went to see it and was crying." Kardashian reflects on nude selfie controversy and old sex tape in new essay Chloe Moretz tells Kim Kardashian to be a better role model after the 

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  • ted haslam - really interesting for we liberals to read

    So many parts of the books early chapters are riveting and supported by data selected to support the conundrum of our way of life. We can all see ourselves in this book even if we would like to be beyond its thesis. For once we do not blame our circumstances on racial profiling....however we do slip into a dissection that believes we control our future, we do not live a part of a global world and market, we can hope our way out of it, and that Americans are the ONLY exceptional people in the world. The book speaks to regaining our values without acknowledging that our values were built on colonialism, imperialism, acceptance of minority views if they were kept to themselves, and greed. The book seems to advocate Christian fundamentalism as the basis to American exceptionalism, when it was religious diversity and occasionally unfettered immigration that seems to have been more profound in the success of the American project. Fascinating read however .

  • drunken_rugger - QC on these is poor to say the least

    So I ordered two of these, one black for myself and one orange for my father. The orange one was much nicer than the black but both of them clearly have been cheaply mass produced. The coating on the retaining clips wears off very quickly BC the knives themselves appear to have been stamped out of a large sheet of metal and the edges left rough. On the black one there is even a small nick of medal on the unsharpened utility side, QC on these is poor to say the least. The inner edges of the bottle opener and oxygen tank wrench both have flakes of metal left behind that never got ground off. Also it is a shame the grips aren't made of something like g10 and better secured to the blade, the rubber they used feels like it will peel off. The design as a whole is great, though I feel the bottle opener is inappropriate considering the intended use of the knife, psa: don't mix drinking and extreme water sports. The sheath does work as advertised, and it is extremely snug on a belt. All in all I wish they had better quality control BC I have been eager to get this know ever since I first saw it years ago in the local outdoor sports shop, and I was really disappointed. I see better QC in 20$ knives on a regular basis, so when I invest in nicer knives for myself and my fam I have higher expectations.

  • Meerkat - It sounded like a good idea...

    I pre-ordered Moov NOW when it first became available and seriously anticipated it's release. When I received it, there were a few glitches in getting it to sync with my phone, but I got it to work so I figured no harm, no foul. Unfortunately, there were issues with the receiver not staying in the wristband. I caught it on my desk at work once and again next to me on the couch at home. I started wearing the wristband tighter so there might be less likelihood of the receiver slipping out of the band, but apparently that did not help. Now, less than two weeks after receiving it, the receiver has managed to liberate itself from the band and this time I have no idea where it got to. I really wanted to like this tracker, but if it's so delicate that the receiver doesn't stay inside the wristband when there's any type of movement, it doesn't do me any good. It's supposed to be a convenience, not something that requires constant vigilance to make certain it's still where it's supposed to be.

  • Jay Boehs - Genuine Pain Relief

    "Feel better in seven days" That's the claim on the bottle, and I have to admit it worked for me. After years of trying different types of glucosamine/chondroitin supplements for arthritic pain in my knuckles, I found a brand that really works. The dosage on the Nutrilite Glucosimine-7 is two pills twice per day, preferably with meals. After seven days at this dosage I experienced a significant increase in joint movements without the resulting pain. I've been taking it for a month now and would recommend this product to anyone experiencing pain in their joints. The pills are even easy to swallow, unlike the size of the typical three pill-per-day dosage size of glucosamine/chondroitin.