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  • Allendale Dan - Nothing, and I mean NOTHING else works this well...

    ...for me, in providing a safe shave with no irritation. I get smooth shaves; pleasant to my wife and that is reason enough to use the product.

  • Pathbreaking Books - White Makes Me Look Fat

    Really, have they no sense of what matters most to women? This white binder makes my hips look so big! Recommend going for a black binder for all of you girls trying to look sexy for your men!


    This program has all the features youneed. Only one issue that I can identigy......namely: I have Windows 8.1 and this program does not register on the START window. I was able to put each element ( WORD, POWERPOINT, OUTLOOK, etc) on the task bar, but I cant put them on the W8 START page. Other than that.....................works fine.

  • Barb - Seriously!?!?

    I purchased this as a way to record my daycare kids and my husband's band. I gave it a test run today during daycare. When it came time to upload it to the website for the parents to view, all I got was the audio track. The video track was a completely distorted green screen; so when it comes to all of those glowing reviews by people who received it at a discount (reviews I counted on to make an informed decision), it's quite obvious that all they did was do a cursory exam, but never actually used the product. Those are the people who give reviewers a bad name. I'm a reviewer also, and I would NEVER review a product without first testing it thoroughly (I purchased this one). This product would never have met my standards as a reviewer or a consumer. What a huge disappointment. I am returning it today and will never buy from this company again. As a consumer, I recommend avoiding this product at all costs. It's a huge waste of money. Now I need to go in search of another camcorder and hope that there is one out there worthy of using.