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  • Laurie Meyers - I didn't notice any change using this product but I ...

    I didn't notice any change using this product but I didn't purchase Step 2. Not sure if that would have made the difference or not.

  • A. Barthel - I really wanted to like this.

    We've purchased every Just Dance and have really enjoyed each one until now. We use them to get our workouts for the day. I'm finding the dance moves more difficult to get down because they make so many sudden changes. It's hard to find the rhythm of the moves. Some of the dances are downright obnoxious like the remix for "What does the Fox say" with the two guys dressed as boy scouts. There are a few songs and dances we really enjoy, but overall I'm disappointed. The other issues worth mentioning are the order of the songs and menu navigation. It would be really nice if the songs we're listed in ABC order, so you knew which direction to go and find a particular song. I could be one window away, but inevitably we go the wrong direction and end up scrolling through every song before finding the one we want. The navigation is not as smooth as it could be, I want to push the directional button right or left and go that way, but you have to get your pointer directly on the arrow then press it to move in a particular direction. It took us a little while to truly appreciate JD 2014, so we'll keep trying to like this version. I will post an update if my feelings ever change about it. At this point, I think we're done with any future releases of Just Dance. I just don't like the direction they seem to be heading.

  • P. Palfalvi - Amazing improvement over stock.

    Fits nicely (with a spacer) in my 370z and is an amazing upgrade over the stock system. I really can hear the high end sounds now where the stock system couldn't preform. I just installed it and everything is working fine, I'll update if anything changes.