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  • Marcelo castillo - Great buy for the price

    Great little Bluetooth speaker. I haven't tested the waterproofing yet, but so far it's been great. Pairs easily and no interruption on the connection. Will probably buy another to keep in the camping trailer.

  • Cassandra Black - too expensive

    tylenol arthritis is a great help to my arthritis especially since i can't take most of the other medications to help with my discomfort. this one is safe for my kidneys and it works well. BUT, the price is ridiculous!! so now, i am using a generic brand which also works rather well....

  • R. M. Mayhew - Care of Treated Surfaces (From Instructions)

    Here's the part of the instructions I should have read first: "NeverWet is a durable superhydrophobic surface treatment. After curing, NeverWet will repel water, mud, ice and other liquids. Cleaning of treated services should be performed using low pressure water spray from a typical garden hose. Surfaces will demonstrate self cleaning properties and will remain completely dry. Treated surfaces should never be scrubbed with brushes or abrasive cleaners. Treated surfaces will lose superhydrophobic properties if exposed to detergents, soap, oil, solvents or high pressure water. Due to the oils in the skin, excessive handling with bare hands of treated materials can cause a reduction in performance. Abrasion will also cause a reduction in performance."

  • R. Laudig - Excellent product at a bargain price - But.....

    Excellent quality - especially compared to others we have purchased. However, was VERY disappointed in the color. We purchased one of these last year and the color was a real blue. Sadly, this one was not a real blue - much more of a Turquoise and clashes badly with the new Fire for which it was purchased. In short if you want a blue cover.....look elsewhere. Not worth the trouble of returning considering the price.

  • Treehugger - Is there a Microsoft Access for the MAC OS?

    Reviewing available Office packages for MAC back to 2001, I have been unable to find any MS-Office package for MAC containing Access, or a stand-alone MS Access program for a Mac OS. If such a program exists and you are aware of it, please reference it as a comment attached to this review. Thank you.

  • BernardZ - Ruining a good series

    I went to see the movie being told that it was reasonable and its was not so gender political correctness so as I liked the Ghostbuster series which I felt was brilliant. I felt I had to see it.

  • sudiver - Another great study by Bill Hybels

    Our women's Bible study group at church is using it and everyone loves it. Bill Hybels down-to-earth concepts and Biblical direction have something for every age group even if the broad subjects do not apply. Besides John Oetberg, he is a favorite of mine.