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White House Clinics - White House Clinics - Medical, dental, and pharmacy. McKee, Berea and Richmond, KY. Madison and Jackson Counties.

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  • http://www.whitehouseclinics.com/howyoucanhelp.htm How You Can Help - Gifts allow the White House Clinics to provide more services to our community's most vulnerable. Each year, our clinics provide over $1 million in unreimbursed health care beyond our federal grant dollars.

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  • Lisa - works excellent unless you are in a home garage.

    This work as claimed, anywhere I have traveled, but it doesn't pick up any signal when entering my house's garage. It also flakes out a bit going under larger overpasses. I don't really blame that to much on the product. It most likely is a line of site thing, where cement, steel and wood are not penetrated by the satellite waves. Its great for AM/FM and causes no issues at car washes or when using a roof rack.

  • ScorpioDF53 - Lee's Knives

    Cutco is world class PERIOD.......My parents had it and we were given it as a wedding gift 33 years ago....I had some issues with Lee's Knives with whom I bought my set......They were extremely professional in solving my concerns and I would definitely buy from them again.....No questions asked.......If you are serious about expanding your Cutco collection, try Cutco.com. You can skip the representatives and buy direct......The reps I've known are helpful and will get you some great deals if your are a first timer......A definite must for an y kitchen!!!

  • Amazon Customer - Thermometer

    I ordered the forehead thermometer and I love using it. I have always felt like it was so unfair to try to take temperatures of little ones when they were already sick and feeling bad. This thermometer is so much easier to use and less stressful trying to fight the little ones to get their temperature. I currently have five grandchildren and I am expecting a granddaughter in March. Therefore, having a thermometer like this on hand is a very convenient and helpful. The product description is: