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  • M. Brown - Entertaining but...

    Fluency was an engaging story with well developed character and plot, but at times read like a teen romance novel wrapped in a sci-fi cover. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, mind you, but you should know what you're getting yourself into. This was more akin to Danielle Steel than Asimov.

  • Donna Brown - It reduce my dark circles

    I am happy to say that this serum really worked for me. I used it for a month and found that it helps to reduce my dark circles. It is very great for me. Thanks!

  • Mark Cruickshank - Amazing!!!

    I just got my copy today, and put it in after watching the Blu Ray of Forrest Gump. Trust me. You've never seen A Christmas Carol until you see this new Blu Ray. I was shocked and beside myself at how well this new restoration turned out. The detail is unreal, especially for a film that has always looked so bad. It's not flawless mind you, with the ocassional nick and scratch, but overall this is a beautiful transfer and worth every penny for an upgrade. The sound is quite nice as well. I prefer the original mono to the 5.1 track. Very clear and hiss free.

  • Richard - Just arrived today...

    I have tried pepper creams with burn sensation, and sports creams, and got no pain relief.... so I must admit that I was a skeptic!

  • SKuts - Make sure the box the jar is in is sealed

    The box that the jar was in, not the shipping box, appeared to be tampered with as it was not sealed. My daughter, none-the-less, tried the product. She said it was awful. She had the worst time trying to clean it off her face. The product stuck to the peach fuzz on her face and she, literally, had to pick off with her fingers. I definitely do not recommend this product.

  • Shirley Brandland - Idea great, buttttttt

    Works fine, but for the price, the battery packs wear out quickly, and to replace a pack is almost 2/3of price of entire product.

  • goodem - I have no qualms telling you to pick up all her novels because one is never enough with ARI.

    Once again Alyssa Rose Ivy wows you with her paranormal world filled with grizzlies, Pterons and other mythical creatures that captivate you while mentally challenging you to try to guess what ARI has up her sleeve for the next book! I continue to say this with every review I write, but ARI's attention to detail, creativity and never ending talent of creating intricate stories that are all intertwined never ceases to amaze me.