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Kavallerie German Shepherds - Hobby Working German Shepherd Puppy Dog Breeders in New England and Vermont. Sable, Black, Czech, DDR, Slovak.

  • http://www.vtgsd.com/puppies.html Kavallerie German Shepherd Puppies - Best German shepherd Puppies for sale in the United States, quality dogs from quality bloodlines for work and companions.
  • http://www.vtgsd.com/puppies/outisde-breedings.html Kavallerie Shepherds Outside German Shepherd Breedings - Breedings from outside kennels with out German Shepherd Stud Dogs. Upcoming Puppies and Litters.
  • http://www.vtgsd.com/puppies/male-or-female.html Should I get a male or female German Shepherd Puppy for my family/me - This is a very important decision if you're looking for a companion or a dog to meld to your lifestyle. We ask you take these generalizations into consideration.
  • http://www.vtgsd.com/puppies/gsd-health.html German Shepherd Health and Genetic Conditions - Overall German Shepherds are Healthy, Hardy individuals and when they're equipped with the correct coat, can withstand the harshest of conditions! Ideally all individuals would be healthy and live out a long happy life.
  • http://www.vtgsd.com/studs.html Kavallerie German Shepherds Studs - AKC registered Stud dogs used and owned by Kavallerie German Shepherds in our breeding program
  • http://www.vtgsd.com/studs/halk-vom-grafental.html Halk vom Grafental (DDR) East German Shepherd Black Sable - Halk vom Grafental (DDR) East German Shepherd AKC Registered Black Sable German Shepherd Stud Male
  • http://www.vtgsd.com/studs/tazer-vom-ron.html Tazer vom Ron Old Style Czech German Shepherd Sable - Excellent old style breeding Czech Dark Sable German Shepherd AKC Registered stud male dog.
  • http://www.vtgsd.com/studs/halk-vom-grafental-2.html Visko vom Spartanville (DDR) East German Shepherd Black Sable - Visko vom Spartanville (Puck vom Grafental X Xondra vom Parchimer Land) (DDR), East German Shepherd AKC Registered Black Sable German Shepherd Stud Male
  • http://www.vtgsd.com/females.html Kavallerie Shepherds Females - AKC registered female breeding dogs owned by Kavallerie German Shepherds breeding program
  • http://www.vtgsd.com/females/lucy.html Lucy vom Kavallerie Slovak / Czech / West Working Line - Best Sable german Shepherd breeding female producing excellent working german shepherds for protection, family and police
  • http://www.vtgsd.com/females/hope.html Hope vom Grafental (DDR) East German Shepherd Sable - Versatile German Shepherd breeding female producing excellent all around dogs for family SAR and sport sables and dark sables
  • http://www.vtgsd.com/females/asia.html Dery Gaja-Nova Czech / West / Sloval Working Line Female - Black Sable German Shepherd breeding female producing Large all around dogs for family Companion and males for police or protection
  • http://www.vtgsd.com/contact-us.html Contact Kavallerie Shepherds - Vermont German Shepherd breeder, breeding superior quality German shepherd Puppies for Family Companions, REAL work, SAR, Narcotics Detection & Schutzhund.
  • http://www.vtgsd.com/image-gallery.html Kavallerie German Shepherd Photos - See pictures of Czech and DDR sable and black sable German Shepherds at Kavallerie Shepherds Photo gallery
  • http://www.vtgsd.com/kavallerie-stats-and-rising-stars.html Kavallerie Stats and Rising Stars - Kavallerie Shepherds Promising young adults and progeny. IPO, AGILITY, PROTECTION, SPORT, POLICE

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    City: -95.4739 Texas, United States

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