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Rochester NY Nursing Home - Rehabilitation Services | Maplewood Nursing & Rehabilitation - Located in Webster, near Rochester NY, Maplewood Nursing & Rehabilitation is dedicated to providing nursing home and rehabilitation services to seniors.

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  • Jim Scott - Print quality on standard paper was good and sharp

    This item was purchased strictly for printing marketing pieces with color graphics and photos. Print quality on standard paper was good and sharp. However, the marketing pieces we do need to be printed on some form of glossy paper, card stock. I was unable to produce acceptable quality samples on any of the glossy paper I have, the quality and type of paper certainly made a difference but even on the best paper specifically designed for ink jet printers the quality on graphics and photographs was substandard. There was bleeding around the edges of solid color blocks onto the white background, large font lettering on colored background that should have been solid instead were outlined/bordered. Photos had inconsistent ink levels. I'm returning the item, thanks to Amazon, for full refund.

  • Jack's Dad - In a word, it's COOL!

    Bought it for a 14 year old boy building his first computer. In a word, it's COOL! Boy is building a gaming computer. With very little help from mom and dad. An adult who has built many computers is offering his services as a consultant. But Jack is searching the internet and learning everything he can about the various parts and the putting-it-together. Now, after about three months, he knows what he wants. This is his keyboard.

  • Kathy Stidham - Product Performance Is The Pits

    I cannot recommend this product. I am not obese or even overweight but needed to lose about 10 lbs. that I've gained since getting older, probably related to lower metabolism. From the ads on TV, they make it sound like it raises your metabolism by "burning fat" but it doesn't. After buying it at a local dept. store, I looked up the ingredients on the internet and it's nothing but a vegetable product that swells in your stomach and is supposed to give you a feeling of fullness. I bought a supply of 60 and took it religiously for 3 weeks and didn't lose an ounce. And it didn't affect my appetite either, not at all. If it didn't work for me, I am very doubtful that it will work for a person who needs to lose a lot of weight. Also, when I tried to return it, the store where I bought it doesn't give refunds on vitamins or weight loss products. I called the Lipozene company and they told me if I had bought it from them, they would refund me, but would not since I bought it at a dept. store. Well, it's THEIR product and I wasn't satisfied with its performance and I think they should have refunded me anyway with proof of purchase. Do NOT buy this product. These people ought to be sued for false advertising in my opinion.

  • NchantngPoet - Really, really working for me

    I've been taking this for about 2 weeks now and can already feel a difference. I suffer from chronic coughing due to bronchitis and it keeps me up during the night...well USED to. I can already see a significant reduction in the number of times I used to cough myself out of my sleep. It's gone from more than 20 times a night to about 4-5. I also used to have this slight ache that was starting to develop in my knees...like early stages of arthritis or something. I live in a townhouse and going up and down stairs everyday was beginning to get painful. It just dawned on me last night that my knees didn't bother me when I came upstairs. I mean, not even a little bit. That's what made me a believer that this stuff was actually having an affect. I'm going to keep taking it and see if I notice any other changes/breakthroughs.