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  • HappyFamily1000 - Good quality and very practical. Love it.

    Great case, and different from anything else in the market. Good quality and very practical. Love it.

  • Kimmy Nguyen - This scooter are light

    This stroller are light weight but the space for the sit are to small it not comfortable for the leg room.

  • Sarah I - Thank Heaven for this product!!

    Let me start by saying, I have terrible, awful, terrible, terrible skin!!! I get dry, scaly patches, but I'm also an oil slick. I'm prone to bad acne, and at 25, I have to say, IM SICK OF IT!! I can't fix my skin, BUT Bare Escentuals has helped to improve it. Not only the texture, but the blotchy redness is gone (well, with the make-up on, of course), the acne is GONE (!!!!!) I have a very loving husband who adores me, but I've always been awfully self-conscious of my skin. After a week of using Bare Minerals, my husband actually pointed at a make-up model in a magazine, and said, "Your skin looks like hers!"

  • Love - Very Very impressed

    This is a seriously awesome eye cream!! I had never heard of Skederm prior to this purchase and I am so glad I gave it a try! The Skederm Eye Cream is a great consistency and feels awesome on my skin. Typically when you purchase any kind of cream water is a main ingredient and you can totally tell once you use it because it is so runny. Not this one! This eye cream is a thick consistency and very, very smooth. There is no foul smell or gritty feeling like I have had in a few eye creams I have tried in the past. The bottle is a very sleek design with a pump which makes it very easy to apply the product.

  • Dakota - Great information easily organized

    I buy this book every year to use a reference for a knowledgeable, but amateur investor. Clear, concise, readable, beautifully organized. Used as a reference all year until the next edition comes out.

  • fulloseet - good set to have

    15 bags, that's less then $2 a bag. (1) 35" x 48" Jumbo Size Seal Storage Space Saver Bags, (3) 26.5" x 39.5" XL Space Saver Bags, (4) 21.5" x 33.5" Large Vacuum Bags, (4) 18" x 22.5" Medium Size Space Saver Bags, (2) 18" x 22.5" Suitcase Medium Travel Roll Up Garment Bag, (1) 13.5" x 19.5" Suitcase Small Travel Roll Up Bag. I had blankets and cold weather clothing stored in bins. I decided to place them in the bags and see if I could save some space. I did save a little space and I don't have to worry about spills or dirt getting into them. The bags were heavy plastic with two seals (like a zip lock freezer bag) on the top. Then it has a slide to make sure the seals are sealed. You place the items in the bags and being careful so that nothing is caught in the seals at the top, you get some of the air out. Yes like freezer bags. You run the slide across twice or more if you are like me. On the side of the bag there is a blue valve with a lid. you twist off the lid and under it is the valve. you twist on the pump (which is included with the bags, see picture) and pump. This where getting the extra air out before you seal helps. The bag shrinks up with the air being sucked out and so it compresses the items in them. I did get a discount for trying this, and giving a honest review. I did have a small cut on one bag, and it took a couple of times filling it up then checking on it a few mins later and see that air had gotten back into the bag. The pump can be tiring but was surprisingly easy. So I just took a break after sucking the air out of one bag, before I went to the next.