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  • twoemjay - Cataclean - Worked for me??!! UPDATED 7/10/16

    All I know is that I used Cataclean in my attempt to resolve a 0420 engine code that indicated Catalytic System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1 (I only have one bank - four cylinders). My Suzuki SX4 had about four gallons of 87 octane gas in it. I poured one Cataclean bottle into the fuel tank and drove it about 20 miles. I proceeded to WOT (wide open throttle), a.k.a floored it, a half dozen times for about three seconds each time from 60 mph. I then filled up the tank with 87 octane gas - station claims less than 10% ethanol. Upon returning home, the check engine light turned off. I haven't driven it since and have another bottle ready in case the check engine light goes on again. As a note, the car isn't driven hard (newly licensed driver's car) so was it just in need of blowing out the carbon by driving hard or was it the Cataclean or a combination of both? I decided to give you more information so that you can draw your own conclusions.


    Just another pill making false promises with no positive results. They always advertise with people who look tone and trim and we should recognize all that didn't come from a bottle of pills, but from determination and hard work.