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Vardaan Health Care - Senior Citizen Care Center in Delhi, India - High quality senior citizen care center in Delhi, India. Care for senior citizens with dementia, alzheimer, post-organ transplant and other health conditions in Delhi.

  • http://www.vardaanhealthcare.com/about-us.php Vardaan Senior Citizens Center - Vardaan Senior Citizens Center is about 9 years old is being managed by Dr. Reicha Khandeiwal, a gynecologist by profession, who has also done a PG course in Geriatrics.
  • http://www.vardaanhealthcare.com/video.php Vardaan Senior Citizen Center - Videos - Vardaan Senior Citizen Center Videos - Lohri Celebration, Ram Navmi Celebration, Kharga Awwa Celebration
  • http://www.vardaanhealthcare.com/photo_gallery.php Vardaan Senior Citizens Center - Photo Gallery - Vardaan Senior Citizens Center Photo Gallery - Holi Celebration Photo, Diwali Celebration Photo, Ram Navmi Celebration, Kharga Awwa Celebration.
  • http://www.vardaanhealthcare.com/facilities.php Vardaan Senior Citizens Center - Faclilities - Vardaan Senior Citizens Center Provides Different Types of Facilities. Just Like Nursing Care of Seniors, Dementia Care, Continuous Diabetic Monitoring, Terminally ill seniors.
  • http://www.vardaanhealthcare.com/history.php Vardaan Senior Citizens Center - History - Our philosophy is to give personalized professional care with love, warmth, understanding and caring. We believe in giving all of these and more to all seniors associated will‘ us.
  • http://www.vardaanhealthcare.com/activities.php Vardaan Senior Citizens Center - Activity Details - Vardaan Senior Citizens Center Activity Details - Senior Citizen Awaremess Programme In Indore, Celebrating Women's Day At Vardaan

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    I was introduced to this by my relative who lives in Europe and was very glad to see that Amazon has it too! This is VERY good treatment for dry skin - I use it for my feet as well as massage into cuticle on my hands since I have very dry and cracked skin there too. Recommend it!

  • Bug Girl - Too expensive

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    Great purchase...daughter loves it! Really, for a 5 year old girl, you can't go wrong with a Barbie, but the holiday version always brings excitement and laughter. Big hit!


    There are only 2 or 3 stories that I didn't find engaging. This is 1000 percent better than all the other short story books I have read in the past several years.

  • A Seeker - A Treasure

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  • Jim S - Two sets (almost) in 40K miles

    These came stock on my 2008 Chevy Tahoe. In 2012 and @ 18K miles, they were done. Tread gone. We rotated them per recommendations and they wore evenly. The ride was OK, semi quiet, good traction, but the treadlife was dreadful. I replaced them with the second set two years ago and today, at 22K miles, the second set is done.. There is still almost 5/32 treadlife on them...but we took a nail just off the sidewall in one and as they cant repair it, I figured it was time to just replace all four... I was disappointed with both sets treadlife. I can only attibute the poor treadlife to possibly all city miles, lots of turns, up-hill and downhill. I imagine those who get higher miles drive highway more than city. We are ALL city and it just ate them up. I am switching to the bridgestone Dueler Alenza this time...they have a 65K warranty and a 600 treadlife rating...much higher than the 360 on these... So far the ride on the Alenza is very smooth and very quiet...quieter than the Eagles. SO... in summary, treadlife is the reason for the very low rating. (I cant blame it on the wife's driving habits...sorry, goodyear!)