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  • vicky - Did absolutely nothing!

    I used up the whole bottle along with the day and night cream. Save your money! I get better results with Olay.

  • Paige H - Loving this plant-based protein!

    As an athletic vegetarian who aspires to be all-natural, it's hard to find a way to stay away from nutritionism while still giving my body what it needs to continue performing well. Although I believe protein powders are generally processed and are not as natural as say the protein found in peanuts, mushrooms, or meat; Plantfusion is a happy medium between the processed and the natural. My favorite aspects of this protein powder are the vegan, 100% natural, non-GMO, soy-free ingredients. There is also no xylitol used to sweeten this powder either, another winning factor for me, as I have experienced intense migraines with very similar protein powders that DO use xylitol. This product instead uses stevia, as a sweetener I presume, and though I would prefer it did not contain this either, I have resolved to use it despite that.

  • John P Robinson - It smells great and your hair has so much body after using ...

    I tried this shampoo on a vacation and got hooked on it. It smells great and your hair has so much body after using it. It even works great on highlighted hair. Doesn't leave it dry or brittle.

  • L. Haikal - A Need For Any Decent Spice Cabinet

    I love roasted garlic & sweet bell peppers. You can actually taste the bell pepper, it's awesome. One of my favorite seasonings, I use it in almost any marinade I make. I wish I can find the larger container, as a couple other reviewers stated. Until then, I'll continue to purchase the smaller ones whenever they go on sale at Safeway (for about $1-$2). Next time, I'll make sure to stock up 'cause you know McCormick's spies are going to tell HQ how much we love this blend, & then we'll never see it again (I'm still bitter about French Toast Crunch Cereal). I'm craving it now, so I have to find something simple to eat it with... Aha! Sour cream or cream cheese w/ a sprinkling of this seasoning blend makes a yummy, easy dip for crackers, chips, veggies, or better yet- bell pepper sticks. *Shakes Fist* McCormick: You better not discontinue this... or else I'll have my ninjas all up in your spies.

  • lil'bit - Softest work out towel that actually absorbs the sweat!

    Working out always takes a lot out of you when you are finished. When you are pouring sweat, you need a good towel to get you dry. A lot of sports towels claim to have super absorent properties. This sports towel really does have great absortion abilities!!! Wearing it around your neck during your workout makes your clothes less damp from sweat. This towel is really soft. IT feel great against my skin. I wish all my bathroom towels were as soft as this towel. My towel came in purple in a plastic sports bag with a rope tie. When you throw this sports towel into the washing machine wash, it comes out smelling great every time from the wash!!! The towel fits nicely right back in the bag it came in. I thought this was a great addition to the product. Even when the towel is damp from sweat, it still works great to wipe away more. This towel has been a great addition to my sports bag. This towel works great during workout or after you have finished in the showers. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest, unbiased review of this product. I realize how important honest reviews are, as I check the reviews before I purchase products. You can be sure I will always provide my honest opinion whether it may be positive or negative. If you find the information I provided was helpful or valuable to you, please click the yes button below. Thanks!