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Toledo LASIK Sylvania Township | Toledo Cataract Surgery Sylvania - Toledo LASIK & Cataract, proudly offers vision correction to Northwest Ohio! Located in Sylvania Township, Toledo LASIK & Cataract is a leader in eye care.

  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/about.htm About Us | Toledo LASIK & Cataract Sylvania Township - Learn more about Toledo LASIK & Cataract! Providing LASIK, cataract and other eye care services to Sylvania Township and more. Call today!
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/eye-doctors-sylvania-township.htm Toledo Eye Doctors Sylvania Township | Cataract Surgeon Toledo, OH - Our trained eye doctors offer Toledo and Sylvania Township with a variety of eye care services including LASIK, cataract & more. Call today for an appointment!
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/dr-wiley-sylvania-township-ophthalmologist.htm Dr Wiley | Toledo Cataract Surgeon | Sylvania Township Ophthalmologist - Dr. William Wiley, a top 10 surgeon as selected by Sightpath Medical, provides cataract surgery and more to the greater Sylvania Township & Toledo areas.
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/tammy-ruch-sylvania-township-optometrist.htm Dr. Ruch | Toledo Optometrist | Sylvania Township Optometry - Dr. Ruch provides optometry services to the greater Sylvania Township and Toledo areas. Dr. Ruch also teaches in the exam room and in the community.
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/services-sylvania-township.htm Eye Care Services | LASIK Toledo | Sylvania Township Cataract Surgery - Toledo LASIK & Cataract provides a variety of eye care services, including LASIK surgery & cataract surgery, to the greater Toledo & Sylvania areas.
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/lasik-laser-vision-correction-sylvania-township.htm Toledo LASIK Surgery | LASIK Laser Vision Correction Toledo - Toledo LASIK & Cataract offers LASIK Laser Vision Correction to the greater Sylvania Township & Toledo areas. Learn more & schedule your consultation.
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/take-the-lasik-self-test.htm LASIK Self Test | Toledo LASIK & Cataract | Online LASIK Test - Toledo LASIK & Cataract offers a free online LASIK self test. See if LASIK is right for you and schedule your consultation today!
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/blade-free-lasik-sylvania-township.htm Blade-Free LASIK Sylvania Township | IntraLase LASIK Surgery Toledo - Toledo LASIK & Cataract offers the greater Sylvania Township & Toledo areas IntraLase technology to minimize complications while maximizing comfort and safety.
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/custom-wavefront-lasik-sylvania.htm Custom LASIK Sylvania | LASIK Surgery Toledo WaveScan LASIK - Toledo LASIK & Cataract offers WaveScan technology to help determine if LASIK is right for you. Find out if you're a candidate & schedule your appointment!
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/lasik-technology-sylvania-township.htm LASIK Technology Sylvania Township | LASIK Surgery Treatment Toledo - Toledo LASIK & Cataract offers LASIK surgery using the latest technology. Learn more about the technology we use and schedule your consultation today!
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/am-i-a-candidate-for-lasik.htm Laser Vision Correction Sylvania Township | LASIK Candidacy - Find out if you're a candidate for LASIK laser vision correction with Toledo LASIK & Cataract and schedule your LASIK consultation!
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/lasik-faqs-sylvania-township.htm LASIK FAQ Sylvania Township | LASIK Frequently Asked Questions Toledo - Find answers to your LASIK questions on our LASIK FAQs page. Then schedule your LASIK consultation with Toledo LASIK & Cataract today.
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/lasik-financing-options-sylvania-township.htm LASIK Financing Sylvania Township | Toledo LASIK & Cataract Financing - Find out more about the LASIK financing options available at Toledo LASIK & Cataract and get answers to your frequently asked financing options.
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/lasik-testimonials-sylvania-township.htm LASIK Testimonials | Toledo LASIK & Cataract Testimonials - Read what our LASIK patients had to say about their experience with LASIK surgery at Toledo LASIK & Cataract. Call to learn more & schedule your consultation!
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/lasik-alternatives-sylvania-township.htm LASIK Alternatives Sylvania Township | LASIK Surgery Toledo, OH - Is LASIK not right for you? Find out about the LASIK alternatives offered by Toledo LASIK & Cataract serving the greater Sylvania Township & Toledo areas!
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/cataract-surgery-sylvania-township.htm Cataract Center Sylvania Township | Cataract Surgery Toledo - Cataracts can seriously impair vision. Toledo LASIK & Cataract offers cataract surgery to the greater Sylvania Township & Toledo areas. Call today!
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/take-the-cataract-self-test.htm Cataract Self Test | Toledo LASIK & Cataract | Online Cataract Test - Toledo LASIK & Cataract offers a free online cataract self test. See if cataract surgery is right for you and schedule your consultation today!
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/premium-lens-options-sylvania-township.htm Premium Lens Implants Toledo Cataract Surgery | IOLs Sylvania Township - If you're a candidate for cataract surgery, Toledo LASIK & Cataract offers greater Toledo & Sylvania Township patients premium IOLs for improved vision.
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/refractive-lens-exchange-sylvania-township.htm Refractive Lens Exchange Toledo | Presbyopia Sylvania Township - Toledo LASIK & Cataract offers patients in the Sylvania Township area Refractive lens exchange to reduce or even eliminate the need for glasses & presbyopia.
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/vision-correction-sylvania.htm Other Vision Correction Options Toledo | LASIK Vision Correction Sylvania Township - If LASIK laser vision correction is not right for you, Toledo LASIK & Cataract offers other options. Learn more by contacting our Sylvania office.
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/visian-icl-sylvania-township.htm Visian ICL Sylvania Township | Implantable Contact Lens Toledo - Toledo LASIK & Cataract offers greater Sylvania Township Visian ICL (Implantable Contact Lenses) as an alternative to LASIK. To learn more, call today!
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/refractive-lens-exchange-sylvania.htm Refractive Lens Exchange Sylvania | Vision Correction Toledo - Toledo LASIK & Cataract offers refractive lens exchange to correct presbyopia. Serving the greater Toledo area at our Sylvania office.
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/corneal-cross-linking-cxl-sylvania-township.htm Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking Sylvania | Cross-Linking FAQ Toledo - Find answers to your questions about Corneal Cross Linking (CXL) then schedule your appointment with Toledo LASIK & Cataract in Sylvania Township.
  • https://www.toledo-lasik.com/patient-education.htm Patient Education | Patient Information | Toledo LASIK & Cataract - Learn more about myopia, hyperopia and the other eye conditions that we offer treatment for at Toledo LAISK & Cataract.

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  • Linda Ayla - Oh they love this one

    Oh they love this one. As soon as they got it, they were up and dancing to it. It gives them exercise, and lets them move parts of their body, that normally don't....LOL

  • John L. - Died in one hour.

    Had the machine for only an hour before I finished the update and reset the machine only to be given a steam os has failed message, which is apparently a common but fatal problem. Immediately asked for a refund and shipped out the machine.

  • Philly Filly - Avoid the frustration free packaging version

    Avoid the frustration free packaging version this product -- it can cause lots of frustration. The frustration free version comes with a 6L starter carbonator that you are supposed to be able to exchange for a full size 60L carbonator for free. I was able to do this exchange at my local Staples store for a $14.99 fee. You have to send the exchange fee receipt along with a rebate form to SodaStream to be reimbursed. After waiting several weeks, the rebate center informed me my application was denied because Staples had given me a receipt that did not include the date. This was plenty frustrating and could have been avoided by buying the regular packaging version that comes with a 60L carbonator. Other than this rebate wrangling, I am very happy with this model and use it all the time.

  • JDGZ - Cost too much bro

    I needed a new multivitamin because i found out my old one had addititives, 1 year later(spongebob voice) lol... So I ordered these after reading the good reviews but to me this is a little too pricey \: and you have to take 3..

  • Betty Boop - Fit well, easily stained

    Fit my GE range perfectly, I wish they would make non stick drip pans however, they get stained easily and don't clean well. I replace them way too often as I like nice shiny clean drip pans, not ones that have some sort of staining (not burnt on stains either as I clean them after every meal cooked) that will not come off with stainless steel, sponges, magic erasers, cleansers, grease cutters or oven cleaner etc. Going to get the disposable inserts for them from now on.