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  • D. Steiner - Great set for beginners

    I'm new to diffusers and thought this selection would get me started. As it turned out this was a good idea as it allowed me to test the various scents and decide which were my favorites so I can order more of the ones I like. I expected to have very small amounts, but I've been using the diffuser constantly. I haven't run out of any of them yet. I have ordered a couple of favorites in larger quantities. So this starter kit was a very good idea and four or five drops is all it takes for about eight hours of diffusion. For anyone new to diffusers this is a great way to start.

  • FLU99 - Smells of Lavender

    I have a few scars from an accident I was in not to long ago! The scars on my arm were pink and raised up. They were extremely noticeable and were not very good for my self esteem! I have tried a few other scar creams and I was not happy with the results. I have been using this scar cream from Foxbrim for about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks now and I am pleased with the results so far! After the first week of use, the pinkish-reddish color of the scar was mostly gone and by the 2nd week, it wasn't as raised as it was when I started. The scars will always be there, but at least now, they are much less noticeable than before! The cream is not thick at all and does take some time to absorb into my skin. It does have a strong smell of lavender that lingers, but I like it! It has not caused any skin irritations, it has just been totally amazing! You do not need to apply a lot, a little does go a long way. I apply a small amount in the morning and I apply again right before bed. Using twice a day everyday has given me pretty good results! This is a product that I recommend if you or your family has scars that are bothersome! I was fortunate to receive this product free for testing and reviewing!

  • R. Beaton - Works!

    I purchased a small spray bottle and followed instructions. Wear a mask and gloves, after you read the instructions...you'll understand why they are necessary. I used on limestone window sills and after the first rain...green mold gone! I then used in a deck up next to the house, same good results!

  • Lotte Hiatt - Results: Soft, well-formed curls, no frizz. I'm hooked.

    My hair is fine, curly, and tends towards dryness and frizz. I haven’t actually tried a hair mask before, so this was a new experience for me. There are 8 pouches in the box, each one being 1.5 ounces. My first time using it, I looked at the amount in one pouch and was boggled… why would I need so much? But I squeezed about half of it out, decided that was way more than enough, and slathered it on my hair and covered my hair with a cap. When I got out of the shower, my scalp felt a touch tingly. It was a pleasant sensation, and my hair was amazing afterwards… soft, well-formed curls, no frizz. It also wasn’t weighed down, and didn’t get greasy or dirty quickly. I was happy. It felt wasteful using that much at once though, and that was just half the pouch. Maybe if you have really long and thick hair that would be necessary? Next time, I used an amount more like what I would use for conditioner, smooshed it all around in my hair and covered up. Same results. Long story short, one pouch is definitely good for more than one use; with my thin-ish, slightly longer than shoulder length hair, I would say four uses, easily. The smell is different, a bit nutty and earthy (?). I wasn’t sure about it at first, but I’ve decided that I do like it. I’m hooked and will have to keep this stuff around.