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Thorek Hospital is committed to providing appropriate patient services in a caring and cost-effective manner. - Thorek Hospital and Medical Center is a not-for-profit, acute care facility. Thorek has been providing quality, progressive health care to Chicagoans since 1911.

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  • A Bradford - An Organic Fertilizer That Also Keeps The Bunnies From Eating My Garden Flowers.

    While it's a wonderful Organic Nitrogen Fertalizer, I use this product to keep the bunnies from eating my garden flowers. They hate the smell. I even used it to protect my winter bulbs by spreading the fertilizer over the soil. I highly recommend this product as a fertilizer and a deterrent to bunnies eating my flowers.

  • Jason Muniz - Great size, bigger is better and it looks good

    Great size, bigger is better and it looks good. Read the instructions to assemble roof. Intructions are accurate and pictures are super accurate.

  • Kindle Customer - GREAT, GREAT READ!!!!

    I cannot believe how much I enjoyed this book. It has you going through so many emotions and had me in tears at the end...not saying if they were happy tears or sad tears...but definitely cannot wait for the next book. DEFINITELY A MUST READ!

  • Yuri Goo. - Thoroughly enjoyable

    I once read an interview with Jim Adkins in which he said one of the most difficult aspects of writing new songs is writing lyrics and fitting them with vocal melodies. That statement stuck with me, because I simply don't see the evidence for that struggle. Integrity Blues is a good example, like the rest of their albums, that his statement is either one grounded in underestimating or perfectionism. I give bands like Jimmy Eat World kudos because while they stay true to themselves in musical theme and stick to their talents, they expand with each album progression and try a few new ideas as evident by the experimental Stay On My Side Tonight EP to the wonderfully ranged and creative Invented, and now we can add Integrity Blues to the already solid discography.

  • Critic's Corner - Apocalypse Maybe! Emmerich Does It Again!

    Emmerich films have been a bit uneven for me. He created a whole universe with Stargate, but then twisted history a bit with Mel Gibson in The Patriot. He created a great film in Independence Day and wiped out the World Trade Center before anyone thought about it, yet made a hammy, cheesy flick called Day After Tomorrow. His 10,000 BC had potential, but there were too many plot holes.