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Plano Counseling and Therapy Services | The Montfort Group - The Montfort Group offers therapy and counseling services in Plano, Frisco, and North Dallas. Our services include couples counseling, teen counseling,

  • http://www.themontfortgroup.com/cory-montfort/ Cory Montfort | The Montfort Group - Cory Montfort is a fully licensed professional counselor who specializes in couples, teen and individual counseling. Our practice is located in Plano.
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  • http://www.themontfortgroup.com/leekinsey/ Dr. Lee Kinsey | The Montfort Group - Dr. Lee Kinsey is a licensed professional counselor who holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology. He focuses on sex therapy and couples counseling in Plano.
  • http://www.themontfortgroup.com/megha-pulianda/ Megha Pulianda | The Montfort Group - Megha Pulianda is a licensed professional counselor intern who focuses on teens, couples and individual counseling at The Montfort Group, located in Plano.
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  • Bryan - so many obvious issues.

    It sounds ok, cheap, includes handsfree unlike the britelink, which has none of the problems below. The bad parts are the loud pops when you turn it on, the need to press the button each time you get in, then hold the button to activate bluetooth, instead of auto on on charge, also you can't see the lights during day. I like that they are dim, but they need to be on the surface to view.

  • MrsC - Would definitely recommend. Apply as directed and read my tip for removal

    Love this kit and products. I read a lot if reviews before purchasing, so I learned a lot before my first attempt which helped me with the application that lasted like 10 days before I removed it. Best advice I read was to use a heating pad during the removal process. I bought the foil wraps, put remover on the white pad and wrapped them on my nails. Once one hand was wrapped, I put the heating pad on the foul wrapped nails for like 7 mins and then removed them. (They can totally be reused so don't toss them!) The gel polish came off with little effort!!! I used the metal scraper of the same brand. For many it scrapes a lot of their nails with the polish. However, because of the heating pad with the soak, I did not have to worry about damage to my nails. It was so easy to remove the polish and makes how long you can have a great manicure that doesn't chip all the more worth it!! This is also a great price compared to the stores I found it at.

  • pokeywinkel - Great product, no more bugs

    I really like this pest repeller. It seemed like we are getting some different bugs come through the cracks of our apartment windows. My kids didn't want to go to sleep at times because they were scard that maybe a bug would crawl on them while they were sleeping. I have this by their windows now in the outlet and they have not had any problems with bugs anymore. I like that all you have to do is plug it in that is it. It is very safe around kids. My almost 2 year old has taken this our of the outlet many times and all we do is plug it back in. I like this product a lot.

  • Tammy Evans - Seems to help a good bit for 2 hours using a small sample size sample packet

    I received a free sample of this to try from Pinchme. I had some difficulty opening the sample packet but that wouldn't be a issue with a full size tube of it. My son applied it to my shoulder joint, shoulder blade & upper arm near the shoulder joint. I havea lot of pain from bursitis in this shoulder. It does have a very mild smell that isn't bad but not like citrus to me as other reviewers have posted. It took about 15 minutes & started to relieving the pain. It seemed to take away a good bit of pain in my shoulder for about 2 hours. Slowly, the pain has returned. Maybe it is because of the small size of the sample (although it did spread to cover the area) that it didn't help as much as others have reported. I have a high pain tolerance level but it also takes something pretty strong to help my pain. I have been using a combination of a generic aspercreme & generic gel muscle run mixed to help the pain. This Livrelief seems to help much better but it just didn't last long. I plan to purchase a full size tube & try it again using a proper size amount. I only received 1 sample packet where some people said they received 2. It has a money back guarantee so if it doesn't help a lot I won't be loosing anything.