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The Meadow Studio - The Meadow offers an Integral approach to Arts, Education, Dance and Healing through group and private instruction a beautiful location located in Montgomery, NY.

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  • jamesandpatsy - This is great grass seed

    This is great grass seed. I had been killing weeds in my lawn and the grass was looking a little raggedy. I just scattered this seed on the top of the ground before a couple of days of rain. Later in the month, I noticed a huge difference in my lawn. Really lush and green.

  • Calicokid - Nice 'Tan'

    Tan Physics is one of the best 'sunless tanning' creams on the market. The color is almost instantaneous and about as natural as your going to get with one of these products. You initial application will be a learning experience and you should allow time to learn. The main 'secret' I found is to use the MINIMAL amount smoothed on EVENLY to cover the area you want to 'tan'. If you want it darker, it is easier to do a second application but not so easy to reverse the process. This is particularly important if you have (like me) blonde hair and a light complexion. Ex-foliating beforehand is strongly advised. Also the usual cautions about application to elbows, palms, hair and clothing should be carefully observed. Moles and other skin markings, by the way, will also be 'tanned' and get darker but this can be controlled with a damp tissue or Q-Tip handy to wipe these areas immediately. For me, a touch-up every five days is fine. Caution: This product has NO SUN-SCREEN! If you're tired of running around looking pale, this is one of the best ways to get fairly natural looking color ... but ... USE WITH A SUN-SCREEN!

  • suzie - spell Binding.

    I love David Kelley's writing,and so enjoyed this series, watched all 8 chapters in 2 days. Billy Bob was so great in this and was perfect for the part. The legal scenes were spell binding and I wish

  • Big Red - Sage has upgraded! Interface looks good

    I'm seeing many negative reviews and don't understand. Most are complaining about having to pay for extra features rather than the product itself. Some people want more for nothing...