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  • Edward Martin - Knife set

    Was pretty cool, handles are of plastic, not wood, and really make sure you read it is a " Junior size knife set. Worth the money

  • Nik007 - Good feel and good fit

    These are my go to shoes. Very comfortable. Did not need any break in time. The sole is soft enough to be easy on the heels and at the same time firm so that u don't feel like u are bouncing on the road.

  • colormeviolet - Cheap and effective

    I bought this at a great price to protect my netbook and I'm glad amazon offers it. It basically has all of the features I need in order to adequately protect my netbook from spyware, viruses, etc. while surfing the internet and downloading pdfs files for school. This is also great if you just need a simple antivirus for one computer, considering that most antiviruses are meant to cover more than 1 computer, but sells for a higher price.

  • DanielleR - Very easy to swallow and no strong smell

    These prenatal vitamins are very easy to swallow and I have not had any negative reactions to them. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant with my second son. Between having my son two years ago, breastfeeding and planning to get pregnant again, I have basically been taking prenatal vitamins for a few years now. While I have only been taking this particular brand for a coupe of weeks now, I have not noticed any negative side effects. Some prenatal vitamins cause me to be constipated and I have not had any problems with these. These prenatal vitamins are very easy to take. They are a small gel capsule, vs a huge non coated pill, like some other prenatal vitamins. They are very easy to swallow. I also have never noticed any strong smell or any aftertaste at all. I also do not notice any type of smell that "comes up" later in the day. Overall, this seems to be a good prenatal vitamin and would be great for anyone who has a hard time swallowing those larger pills or for someone who is bothered by the smell or taste of other pills. Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount or for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I review products based on their quality and performance and welcome the opportunity to give both positive and negative reviews.

  • Joe Schmoe reviewer - 4 and 6 year old both like them.

    A big hit. It's been a month and the kids (4 and 6) don't play with these as much as they did when they got them for Christmas, but we had a long drive recently and I had them wear them and they were entertained. They like taking pictures and videos, recording their voices,and trying to score high numbers using the activity tracker.

  • Michelle Lee - Great product!

    I absolutely love it. I can't tell if I lost inches off my waist yet, but it does make you sweat ONLY when you start working out. You cannot use this product and sit down and wait for it to kick in, no. You have to put in the work! I use it with the waist trimmer and I love both. The waist trimmer stays in place while I run and jump in the gym! Will continue to buy

  • Nicole Pollere - One of the worst days of my life

    I ate half of a 6 oz bag I picked up at CVS. They changed the color of the bag. I didn't know. I spent 24 hours in the fetal position on my bathroom floor repeating "please God, why?" I still don't have an answer.