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Got to go gluten free? I can help! - Starting a gluten free diet can be scary. After living with celiac for over 50 years, I can help you learn the basics

  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/gluten-free-blog.html Gluten Free Blog - Get help and ideas on catering for a gluten free diet. Tips on providing good gluten free food, without spending a fortune
  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/a-gluten-free-diet.html Starting a gluten free diet - Starting a gluten free diet can be challenging but necessary if you are gluten intolerant or have celiac disease like me. Tips and information on how to cope with going gf
  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/what-is-gluten.html What is gluten and can it harm you? - What is gluten and why should someone with coeliac disease, ADHD, autism or DH keep it out of their diet?
  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/foods-containing-gluten.html Warning: Avoid these foods containing gluten if you have celiac disease - A full list of all the foods containing gluten so you know what to avoid if you are a celiac or gluten intolerant
  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/reading-food-labels.html Reading food labels is essential for Celiac sufferers - Reading food labels carefully is essential if you have to avoid gluten in your diet
  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/gluten-free-grains.html Which gluten free grains do you need in your kitchen? - With so many gluten free grains, seeds, nuts and beans available now, which ones are indispensible? Check out my Essentials List
  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/gluten-free-flour.html Gluten free flour mix - how to use alternative flours - Learn how to mix an all purpose gluten free flour mix, and the varieties available
  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/gluten-free-menus.html Gluten free menus for everyday eating - Planning gluten free menus for your family can be a chore so let me help. A weekly gluten free menu plan using fresh, tasty food will give you some ideas for your everyday meals.
  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/gluten-free-meals.html Gluten free meals to prepare and cook at home - If gluten free meals are now a necessity in your home, these ideas and guidelines will help you produce tasty food the whole family will enjoy
  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/gluten-free-vegan.html A gluten free vegan or vegetarian lifestyle is possible! - A gluten free vegan or vegetarian lifestyle is healthy. Here are some tips and information on how to get started.
  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/gluten-free-forum.html Gluten free forum - Looking for a new type of gluten free forum? In this interactive section of the gluten free chef you don't even need to register!
  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/gluten-free-weight-loss.html Gluten Free Weight Loss or Weight Gain? - Is gluten free weight loss an issue for you? Have you experienced excessive weight gain since going on the diet? Do you need support and advice?
  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/pet-nutrition.html Advice on pet nutrition and the gluten free diet - Pet nutrition is as important as a healthy diet for ourselves. Especially if a gluten free diet is necessary.
  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/gluten-free-recipes.html Delicious gluten free recipes that you can cook at home - If you have to eat gluten free recipes that are easy to prepare are always useful. Choose from this list and have fun with your gluten free cooking
  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/homemade-baby-food-recipes.html Homemade baby food recipes - gluten free - These homemade baby food recipes are ideal for when you are starting baby on solid foods. These gluten free first foods for baby are safe and wholesome
  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/gluten-free-snacks.html Gluten free Snacks - quick, healthy recipes for you to try - Make up some of these healthy, gluten free snacks to have in the cupboard for those peckish moments.
  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/coeliac-disease.html Information about coeliac disease and the gluten free diet - Have you recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease? Looking for information about how to start following a gluten free diet? Need recipes and answers to your questions?
  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/symptoms-of-celiac-disease.html Symptoms of celiac disease can include.... - There are many symptoms of celiac disease, not all of them gastrointestinal so it can be difficult to diagnose. These are the celiac symptoms to watch out for...
  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/celiac-disease-symptoms.html Celiac Disease Symptoms in Babies and Young Children - Baby diarrhoea? Worried that your baby is showing celiac disease symptoms? Find out what to look out for and how to cope with a gluten free diet
  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/celiac-disease-test.html Celiac Disease test - do you need one? - Don't panic if your doctor orders a celiac disease test. Celiac testing will prove whether you have the condition and need to follow a gluten free diet. But what is involved?
  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/gluten-allergy.html Gluten allergy or gluten intolerance? - Do you have a gluten allergy or intolerance? Find out the difference here and learn how to cope with a diet with no gluten in it
  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/dermatitis-herpetiformis.html Dermatitis Herpetiformis - Dermatitis herpetiformis, or celiac disease rash, is an itchy rash that should improve if you follow a gluten free diet. Find out more about the condition, and the diet, at the-gluten-free-chef.com
  • http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/lactose-intolerance-symptoms.html Lactose Intolerance Symptoms - If you are suffering from lactose intolerance symptoms this list of foods containing lactose will help. But what is lactose intolerance? Read on to find out

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  • Fabrizio Antonelli - OK SSD

    Nice improvement for an older laptop . Read speed is good but write speed is too slow. Not sure about durability yet

  • Tel9 - Perfect

    Fits perfectly. Not too heavy. Easy to take in and out. Sturdy plastic. Protects the carpet. Very happy with this purchase.

  • JOSIE DIAZ - Great product and love that it is effective against fungus

    Great product and love that it is effective against fungus. I had a couple of toe nails with fungus. Got lasser and my podiatrist suggested I use this to prevent future infections. That was a few years ago. Use it daily. Never had a recurrence again.

  • Happy Camper - I like it. It gives me energy in the morning ...

    I like it. It gives me energy in the morning to do things around the house or do my once a werk 10-12 mile run. And I dont get hungry right away. This is my 2nd box so far.

  • Brett Husebye - I ended up having a blowout because of this crap in a 2 million dollar apartment

    I can say I used this years ago, warning. If you are a plumber or pipefitter do NOT use this on cutter wheels for a tool that you cut pipe with and then solder. I ended up having a blowout because of this crap in a 2 million dollar apartment. It has a really high temp rating. So if this gets on your pipe you might as well start over by cutting the joint or coupler out or look for a new job ;)