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  • http://www.tfttapping.com/detox/ Detox Your Relationships | The Original TFT Tapping - “By opening to the loving energy that already empowers you, you learn that love is your very nature. Once you are resonating with that, illusions of self-worth

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  • cotton - DISAPPOINTING

    Disappointing is not adequate to express my feelings. Dr Wallach in no doubt an extremely brilliant person, and from all indications a competent physician. My honest appraisal of this work is that the information given about nutrition and healthy living is a teaser to entice you to join a pyramid sales group. My evaluation is that he started his career with an honest desire to help people and was diverted by the lure of money.

  • Caryn Aman - Microsoft Publisher 2010

    So happy with this product. I've used Publisher for years but it wasn't loaded onto current desktop. I finally had to break down and purchase it through Amazon. I'm using it for workshop flyers, newsletters, and concert programs. Works like a charm!

  • Michael - Good product

    I liked the fact that the product is reasonably well constructed, and is not as expensive as some of the others on the market. The part that tucks under the shingles should be thinner, or the product re-desiged so it's not tucked under the shingles. Tucking under the shingles is probably ok for steep roofs. I opted not to tuck it under the shingles (4:12 roof), and modified the screens using an alternate solution.