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Welcome to Tenet Healthcare - Tenet Healthcare is one of the nation’s leading healthcare services companies, with a comprehensive network that extends the US from coast to coast.

  • https://www.tenethealth.com/Contact Contact Us - Tenet Healthcare - If you’re seeking specific help and need to reach a representative, please reach the appropriate point of contact.
  • https://www.tenethealth.com/about Our Story - Tenet Healthcare - Tenet Healthcare has the people, the passion and the vision: to move health forward. Learn about our our commitment to quality.
  • https://www.tenethealth.com/about/leadership Learn About Our Leadership Team - Tenet Healthcare - With a commitment to quality and integrity, our key leaders guide Tenet Healthcare to fulfill our most important mission – moving health forward.
  • https://www.tenethealth.com/about/ethics-compliance Tenet Ethics & Compliance Program - Tenet Healthcare - Tenet Healthcare is committed to standing up for our values and promoting a culture of integrity.
  • https://www.tenethealth.com/about/innovation Embracing Innovation - Tenet Healthcare - Our network continues to leverage new technologies and innovative new treatments, facilities and healthcare solutions.
  • https://www.tenethealth.com/about/partnering-with-us Become a Partner - Tenet Healthcare - Join Tenet Healthcare in improving health, transforming care and being prepared for what’s next in healthcare.
  • https://www.tenethealth.com/for-patients-main Our Growing National Network - Tenet Healthcare - From coast to coast, Tenet Healthcare’s growing network includes several healthcare facilities along with 6 health affordable health plans.
  • https://www.tenethealth.com/for-physicians Physician Opportunities from Coast to Coast - Tenet Healthcare - As one of the few healthcare companies with a national footprint, Tenet Healthcare physicians can work in a variety of markets throughout the US.
  • https://www.tenethealth.com/careers Join Our Team - Tenet Healthcare - Tenet Healthcare delivers resources, tools and support for employees need to so that we can create happier, healthier communities.
  • https://www.tenethealth.com/careers/employee-benefits Employee Benefits - Tenet Healthcare - Benefits are an important part of our commitment to our employees. See our benefits packages for full-time and part-time employees.
  • https://www.tenethealth.com/careers/employee-programs Supporting Employees through Ongoing Programs - Tenet Healthcare - Tenet Healthcare is committed to supporting our employees through ongoing learning and development programs.
  • https://www.tenethealth.com/careers/tenet-heroes Heroes Committed to Making a Difference - Tenet Healthcare - Tenet Heroes are individuals who have been awarded for doing extraordinary things for patients, their coworkers, our facilities and our communities.
  • https://www.tenethealth.com/community-main Moving Health Forward Within the Community - Tenet Healthcare - Tenet Healthcare is committed to making a difference by supporting our communities as volunteers and good corporate citizens.

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