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Teen Help - Statistics, Warning Signs & Teen Health Issues! - Teen Help for issues related to teen health: troubled teens, suicide, depression, pregnancy, and more. Includes stats on teen drug abuse & teens & sex. 

  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/mental-health/ Teen Mental Health Articles @ Teen Help - Teen mental health issues & articles at TeenHelp.com - Teen stress, anxiety, depression, and behavior or development disorder facts & info.
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/teen-depression/ Teen Depression Articles @ Teen Help - Find teen depression warning signs, prevention, statistics, facts, and more at Teen Help. Get help for a depressed teenager or struggling youth. 
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/teen-suicide/ Teen Suicide Help & Articles @ Teen Help - Teenage suicide is on the rise. Help prevent teen suicide among our youth. Teen help offers statistics, prevention tips, warning signs, & suicide help options
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/stress-anxiety/ Teen Stress & Teen Anxiety Articles @ Teen Help - The teenage years are full of stress & anxiety. Our teen stress and teenager anxiety articles include statistics, prevention, warning signs, and more! 
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/mental-disorders/ Mental Disorder Articles @ TeenHelp.com - Teen mental disorder help articles at Teen Help. Find out the warning signs, symptoms, and how to treat teen mental disorders. Includes statistics & facts. 
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/add-adhd/ Teen ADHD & Teen ADD Articles @ Teen Help - Teen ADHD articles: adhd treatment, statistics, warning signs, medications, and more at Teen Help. Get information on teen ADHD or teen ADD.
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/teen-abuse/ Teen Abuse Articles on Verbal, Emotional, Physical Abuse - Teen physical abuse, emotional abuse, and verbal abuse articlces at Teen Help. Get facts, info, statistics, and more at TeenHelp.com for teen abuse.
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/violence-anger/ Teen Violence & Teen Anger Articles @ Teen Help - Teen violence is rising. Get help for teen anger issues and prevent teenage violence including gang violence. Statistics, facts, prevention of youth violence
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/physical-health/ Teen Physical Health Articles @ Teen Help - Teen physical health covers a range of topics including self injury, body image, sleep disorders, & self care/grooming for teenagers. 
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/nutrition-fitness/ Teen Nutrition & Teen Fitness Articles @ Teen Help - Teen nutrition & fitness is very important for teenagers these days. Get information on staying healthy & active in sports to avoid teen obesity.
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/eating-disorders/ Teen Eating Disorder Articles @ Teen Help - Teen eating disorder facts, statistics, and warning signs of teenage eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, & binge eating disorder at Teen Help.
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/skin-care-grooming/ Skin Care & Grooming - Teen Help - Get tips on teen skin care and grooming habits that will keep your skin, hair, and body healthy and beautiful. Acne and other skin issues are common as teens go through puberty; see which healthy teen habits can help reduce skin problems and how proper grooming skills can help with overall teen health and wellness.
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/teen-sexuality/ Teen Sex Facts & Articles @ Teen Help - Teen sex statistics & facts as well as articles on a wide range of teen sex topics. STDs, masturbation, and other teenage sex issues. 
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/puberty/ Teen Puberty & Pre-Teen Puberty Articles @ Teen Help - Learn all about teen puberty and what to expect. Male and female body development during puberty as well as hygiene tips for teenagers.
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/birth-control/ Teen Birth Control Articles @ TeenHelp.com - Teen Birth control options. Teens need to understand how to use birth control & different birth control options available to prevent teenage pregnancy.
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/teen-pregnancy/ Teen Pregnancy Articles & Facts @ Teen Help - Teen pregnancy stats, facts, and information articles on warning signs, prevention, & pregnant teen help. Teen Pregnancy options: teen adoption & teen abortion.
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/std-sti/ Teen STD & Teen STI Articles @ Teen Help - Teen STD & STI warning signs, prevention, medications & treatment. Includes teen STD statistics as well as facts and info on teenagers with STDs.
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/hiv-aids/ Teen HIV & AIDS Articles @ TeenHelp.com - HIV & AIDS articles at Teen Help. Get information on HIV & AIDS warning signs, symptoms, & prevention of the STD. HIV statistics & AIDS facts.
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/chlamydia/ Chlamydia Articles @ TeenHelp.com - Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection & is one of the most common STDs / STIs in teens. Chlamydia signs, symptoms and prevention of teen Chlamydia.
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/genital-warts/ Genital Warts Articles @ TeenHelp.com - Genital warts is a common teen sexually transmitted infections. Get the signs & symptoms of genital warts & prevention of genital warts in teens.
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/gonorrhea/ Gonorrhea Articles @ TeenHelp.com - Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection (STI/STD) spread by unprotected sexual contact. Info on Gonorrhea prevention, treatment, statistics, and facts
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/hepatitis/ Hepatitis STD Articles @ TeenHelp.com - Hepatitis is a very serious sexually transmitted disease - STD. Hepatitis signs and symptoms & prevention. Teen hepatitis treatment & statistics
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/herpes/ Herpes STD Articles @ TeenHelp.com - Herpes STD Articles at Teen Help. Herpes statistics, treatment, prevention, and warning signs for teens. Herpes (HSV-1 & HSV-2) facts and information.
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/hpv/ Teen HPV Articles @ TeenHelp.com - HPV, Human papillomavirus, is a STV  Teen HPV is getting common. Get HPV prevention info, warning signs, symptoms, and HPV statistics at Teen Help
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/syphilis/ Syphilis STD Articles @ Teen Help - Syphilis statistics, syphilis treatment, warning signs at TeenHelp.com. Get info & facts on Syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases. 
  • https://www.teenhelp.com/c/sexual-abuse-trauma/ Teen Sex Abuse Trauma Articles @ Teen Help - Teen sexual abuse & trauma warning signs, treatment, & teen sex abuse statistics. Get the facts and information at Teen Help for youth & teenagers.

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  • N. Wadsworth - They work.. BUT - there are side effects.

    Started on Sunday, by Wednesday I had lost 3lbs. Minimum activity and eating healthy but normal. These do make me hyper, my heart does race.. and I feel nauseous after taking them on an empty stomach. I'm taking these with lean shakes and also a vitamin to help with metabolism and energy.

  • CatEB - I'm in love

    I had 2 of the 10" Solatubes installed last year and I love them! One is in a windowless bathroom and the other is over the work triangle in my kitchen. I can't recommend them enough. The only downside is you keep trying to turn off the light when you leave the room.

  • Chris Beach - Works with Manhattan Portage messenger

    I've been looking for something to convert my Manhattan Portage pro messenger into a camera bag and this seemed like just the thing. I wasn't too sure about the measurements but this ended up being slightly smaller than my bag which works well for my purposes. The interior is just as nice as my Lowepro camera bag, soft and supportive, but actually has more overall space for lenses and accessories. The best part of this insert is that it can easily be removed if I need to use my bag for a quick errand.

  • Kevin Schmid - It's a good start, ready for more.

    While it can be frustrating at first, setting up and ultimately enjoying this product is worth the time and money you put into it. Calibration is key. I can not stress that enough. Also, don't be shy, sitting closer to the camera will help with wobbling. Sony's headset is an awesome first attempt from them to get VR into the hands of consumers. The demo disk is great too. If you don't want to constantly be swapping between demo and a regular game, the demo disk can be downloaded from the PSN store. I bought Tumble VR and Eve as well. While I feel maybe I should have thought a little longer about Eve, I do not regret the purchase. I was also surprised how well the move controllers worked with the system. It's a solid headset, and works well. Finally I'd like to mention comfort. This headset is really comfortable, and I can leave my glasses on. I've had a few long sessions and it's never been an issue, well you get VR hair (that's a thing now, right?) but it's very worth it. I'm enjoying my PSVR and I'm really excited to see the games that are coming out.

  • Ms. McKellips - Cooking with Harry

    Though Harry spent alot of time in the great hall, we didn't always get a good description of the food he was eating. This book gives us some possible treats Harry and his friends may have shared. You and your little magicians could share them too.