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Medical Detoxification, Bariatric Surgery, Spine Surgeon - Tri-City Regional Medical Center Spine Care hospital and the Bariatric Center in Orange County, california. 24-hour Emergency Room for spine surgery

  • http://www.tcrmc.org/spine-faqs Spine Center Surgery FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - This Spine Center Surgery FAQ page covers the ins-and-outs of spinal surgery and can answer many preliminary questions. Contact us for more information.
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  • http://www.tcrmc.org/single-incision-gastric-sleeve-surgery Single Incision Gastric Sleeve Surgery, Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy - world-class single-incision gastric sleeve surgeons At Tri-City performs single incision gastric sleeve & vertical gastric sleeve surgery
  • http://www.tcrmc.org/stomach-sleeve-gastrectomy-surgery Stomach Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery, Laparoscopic Procedure Surgeon - Stomach Sleeve Surgeon at TCRMC are expert surgeons have vast experience performing Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy Procedure surgery
  • http://www.tcrmc.org/vertical-gastric-sleeve-surgery Vertical Gastric Sleeve Surgery Los Angeles, Bypass Sleeve Surgeons - Vertical gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most advanced types of bariatric surgery performed by expert gastric bypass sleeve surgeons
  • http://www.tcrmc.org/weight-loss-surgery-center Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery Center Los Angeles, Surgical Center - Weight Loss Surgical Center in Los Angeles At TCRMC provides one of the best surgeon for service of weight loss surgery require to their patients

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  • Madeline M. - DO NOT BUY THIS SCANNER!

    I am writing this review to inform of my poor experience with the Neatworks desk scanner and with the Neat Company customer service and tech support departments. I sent this same review to the Neat Company today as a letter to their executive office. This poor experience resulted in my calling today to return the scanner and I will be looking into purchasing a Canon or Fujitsu scanner for my home office/ home business needs.

  • Pam D. - But that seal is easy compared to front seal

    Unreal...stopped a leaking front main converter seal on an 87 Chevy van within a 15 mile drive...been leaking for 10 plus years...had to add a quart of trans fluid every 4-6 months. The speedometer gear seal still dripped...took it out to replace and it was far to gone to expect a miracle there. But that seal is easy compared to front seal. Wow, no kidding I'm impressed. I'll by it again no doubt. To cheap to not try it first.

  • LadyFace - I'm glad I received a free copy

    Meh, it was mostly ice cream, Popsicles and butterbeer. I'm glad I received a free copy. The recipes look interesting, but I don't have an ice cream machine, so couldn't test them. And my smallest HP fan didn't like the Popsicles and we already had a recipe for warm butterbeer. Directions are easy to follow, recipes are quick to use at a glance.

  • Autumn - I think I got the opposite effect. I had ...

    I think I got the opposite effect. I had not smoked in 2 months, and just to be safe I drank this stuff, and where my home tests were showing negative, I went to the lab after drinking a bottle of this stuff and got a positive. I needed this job so badly. Now I'm screwed. After waiting for this stuff to get out of my system entirely, I tested negative again. There is something in it that gives a false positive. I am still out of a job and very soon to be homeless because of this.

  • Mad Mommy - Do not waste your money on this photo album of children with tons of makeup to look 20.

    It is a magazine that consists of no sponsors. It would appear the children in the magazine are done up way beyond their years. I bought the magazine because a friend said they were featured in it and to my disappointment there was no informative reading. The outfits on the models were too "mature" for these children. The girls in the magazine and cover are less than 12 years old solicited as models. When we contacted them about their models out of concern, we were told they are placed in the magazine by paying parents and are looking to be discovered. Very disappointed in contents of this magazine and lack of good reading and sponsors.

  • Casey Lichenstein - Pleasant surprise

    I wasn't expecting to like this bar much. I bought a couple flavors to try and wasn't impressed with the peanut butter chocolate flavor. The frosted cinnamon roll flavor was amazing! I love both the flavor and the texture. It's different then other cinnamon roll bars I've tried. I'll definitely be getting a box of that flavor.

  • Robert Shelby - Motor failed almost immediately after we receied it.

    Be aware this is delivered in a single box weighing about 300 pounds. The assembly was on the challenging side. Instructions were mostly clear but a couple of areas were not clear and I had to redo to get it right. The control panel is fine with the video display quality quite good. The manual controls though are almost impossible to see with numbers from 1 to 10 in elevation and speed that are not lit at all and with overhead lights are completely blurred out. The stereo sound that was bragged to be excellent was just fair. If you plan to use IFit the control module is a separate purchase running about another $100.00 and requires a monthly fee to IFit which turned us off. Once assembled the unit ran great. It was smooth and quiet. That only lasted about a week when a grinding noise started to appear. It got worse every day. I called Proform about the issue and they knew right off the bat that the motor was bad. It happens quite frequently on this Model I found out. They said we could still use the unit even though it sounded so loud, but we opted to stop using it until it was fixed. Proform service was very good about fixing the issue. They ordered the motor right away and a service tech called with his number for installation once the new motor was delivered to our home. The installation was quick and we had a very pleasant and competent technician doing the work. In all the treadmill was down just over 2 weeks. There were no charges to us since it was under the original warranty. Even thought we like the treadmill now, we would not purchase this model again. The frequent motor failure and poor console design for manual controls were a turn off for us.