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Welcome to STYLAGE® products site ( hyaluronic acid based products used in Aesthetic medicine). - Laboratoires VIVACY® is a European company based in France, which designs, manufactures and distributes hyaluronic acid based products for use in the field of Anti-Ageing and Aesthetic medicine. The company’s strategy entails creating innovative solutions in cooperation with doctors and specialists from the aesthetic medicine market all over the world. Laboratoires VIVACY® is present in international markets with STYLAGE® – a complete line of dermal fillers combining hyaluronic acid and natural antioxidants. Thanks to the patented IPN-Like technology, STYLAGE® allows achieving safe and very natural results.

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  • http://www.stylage.eu/technology.html Stylage® - STYLAGE : Safe and innovative technology to serve your beauty. - The patented IPN-Like technology, combining cross-linked hyaluronic acid and a natural antioxidant (Mannitol), made it possible for Laboratoires VIVACY to develop a product with extraordinary elasticity and allows achieving a natural looking results. Hyaluronic acid gel fills the wrinkles and smooths out skin surface, mannitol optimizes the results.
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  • Augusta - Threlac saved my life!

    I have used Threelac for 5 years. I was diagnosed with systemic Candidiasis by two different Doctors. One did not know how to treat me, the other one did. After 6 months of high doses of nystatin(8) daily, dyflucan (30 days) and pro-biotics, magnesium, Garlic (9) daily among other things and a very strict diet. I had only barely improved. I was bed ridden. It had attacked my organs and affected by cognitive abilities. I had many tests including a cat. scan. I told my doctor I was not better and he said I've done all I can for you. To take anymore drugs could cause liver damage. I did extensive research and read doctors' journals and the CDC info on my condition. I found threelac! It is the only thing that work. I spent thousands on other things to no avail. I was diagnosed cured by my new Doctor when we moved 2 years age but a caught a bacterial infection. I had to do the antibiotic thing and the Candida has returned. I'm treating again and doing great! Thanks to treelac & fivelac.

  • Amazon Customer - LOVE THESE PRODUCTS!

    wow...just read alot of negative reviews and i MUST say I disagree. I purchased the SubD, with the orbital cream, blue plasma and the "face lift" one month ago. I am amazed at the results I have gotten. I am a young 61 yrs old. My neck was not bad but i was starting to see a few little things so I wanted to beat it to the punch. In ONE month those "little signs" are gone! More important even was the results i have had on my face. I am a smoker and was getting bad lines around my mouth and under my nose...common to smokers. They have half disappeared...i am thrilled.

  • Judy - Very bad idea!

    BOTH of my dogs (1 AKC GSD and one Rott/GSD mix) had allergic reactions to this product. The AKC became quite agitated, sides heaving, heavy panting, some foaming, running around the house and jumping on and off furniture, would not listen (and she is well behaved) - very unusual and alarming behavior for her. The Rott/GSD became quiet and withdrawn, hid from me behind furniture, ears down/tail down - very unusual and alarming behavior for him. Took the collars off the both dogs were pretty much back to normal in 12 hours. I was up - literally - all night with them. This product was recommended by my Vet due to my Rott/GSD's allergic reaction to flea bites - and I will never use it again. I do not know anyone else who has used it, and I do not what experience anyone else has had.

  • Lester F. - 2010 iron 883

    It's gear oil for your primary. Some use the same oil they use for the engine. I prefer using gear oil for gears.

  • John B. - MOOV NOW - LoveIT!

    Received this little gem just before xmas - was surprised at how small and light it is, don't notice it at all on your wrist or ankle. Very cool interface and activity tracking, have used it for jogging, workouts and swimming. Love that it's waterproof, don't have to take it off in the shower. MOOV sent it priority mail to Australia, very reasonable cost and fast delivery. Thank you MOOV, a brilliant piece of design and engineering!

  • Jack Heart - Great easy to use and lightweight

    I finally had a chance to use this, and it is great. As other reviews say, it is easy to use and it might be good to use a larger cup, or hold it higher to act as drip coffee. I found it fine to pour in and let sit like you would let a tea bag sit. As a warning, but not a negative thing, know that disposing of the grounds can be a little messy, so if you are hardcore about leaving no trace, you may need to just wipe it off a bit, and deal with it being dirty for your trip.